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    Mental illness is more dangerous than physical illness

    All parts of the human body are having the ability to heal by themselves. When there is a cut on the skin, blood will come out but automatically it will stop after some time. A bone fractured will get healed by itself. Similarly, the heart, lungs and other parts of the body are having the capacity to get healed.

    But the brain is very critical and complex. It behaves very peculiarly. The human brain develops after birth only. So how we shape ourselves will depend on our brain and thinking pattern. All our actions are well controlled by your mind. So mental health is more important than the health of the body.

    What we think in our minds affects our mental health. When we think that we are helpless, hopeless we will become desperate and our mind starts thinking negatively. That will make our life worst. So never get into negative thoughts that will spoil our mental health. Please remember that mental health is more important than physical health.
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    This is absolutely correct, in fact, these days we can easily find people around us who are facing mental illness. When we talk about physical illnesses we may cure them in less time or more but at least we know the reason for the illness when person has a headache he/she may have two or three reasons for this and they will get the solution from the doctor. But when we discuss mental illness we or the person who is suffering is also do not know the exact reason behind it and this is the most difficult task to find the reason for the problem then find the solution for the same. For this, we should work together when we support our loved ones and give them the time that they required we may also help them to cure of mental illness. We often hear a word that is emotional drama, here dram means does not a fake emotion but sometimes these emotional dramas make people stressed and create and heavy environment but we should not live life in this way in fact we should live a peaceful and light life.

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    Rightly said by the author as we need to keep our mind from all the filth thoughts and we should program it in such a way that only positive things should be retained and negative aspects must be written off. On the daily basis we are bombarded with lots of problems and challenges, some are to be confronted for our personal reason and life and many pertains to others to which we have no access nor we can do anything but keep on worrying about the same and invite the wrath of too much thinking and that leads to mental illness for sure. And those who are mentally strong and has the total self confidence, they are the sure winners in life because none can disturb their mind which is already poised for the great acceptance of things as it comes in. And please note our mind can be read by others and our behavior speaks openly.
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    Human mind is very powerful and has immense capacity and capability to think and direct the body for various actions. A healthy mind is a basic need for a healthy work pattern in one's life. Persons mentally weak cannot progress in their lives irrespective of whatever physical strength they might posesse. Mind is like the CPU of a computer and without CPU computer is not able to do anything and likewise without mind our body is just like a dead thing.
    In our Indian culture it is told that mind can be strengthened through yoga and meditation. These things bring focus and concentration in our lives which is necessary for keeping the mind in good condition. If a person develops reduced mental faculty and loses his grip on the various things in life then it is very difficult to get it cured or repaired because medical science is not so much progressed as to tackle the problems related to mental disorders.

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    Any illness if not treated in time can become dangerous. The significant aspect is the symptoms associated with it and our reaction to them in general. If there is any pain or discomfort in the body people go to the doctor for a cure but mental illness is something different as there may not be any apparent symptom of it other than a gloomy face or a depressive look. For anyone, depression may set in for some reason and goes away after a while. If any kind of depression is recurring then it must be properly addressed by a healthcare professional. The main problem with a lot of people throughout the world is they do not seek medical attention for mental illness unless it is beyond their control. This is one of the prominent reasons for the increase in mental illnesses. A healthy mind and a healthy body both are essential for leading a good life and mental illness is more dangerous in the sense that many times it doesn't get addressed in the beginning and it can be difficult to diagnose mental problems also.

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