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    Why aren't women shining in the hotel management field?

    Hotel management is a field of study with endless career possibilities in various fields. Front office, housekeeping, food and beverage service , kitchen or food production, engineering and maintenance , accounts and credits , security , human resources , sales and marketing , purchase, information technology and so forth are the departments which came under hotel management.

    Women do not seem to shine so much in this area. Why do not women enter this field much? It is a fact that women are coming to this field more than ever before. But for many reasons women are not able to rise well in their careers. Most women enter the workforce and end their careers before the extra day is over.

    Isn't the hotel management field a field where women can work? Why aren't women shining in the hotel management field?
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    I have seen many ladies working in the hotel management area. When we visit star hotels we will find many lady employees in senior positions. The front office will always be with women more than men.
    Actually, in our country, many families never suggest their ladies work in the hotel industry. They think security there for them is less. But now the conditions are changing. In almost all the fields we see equal participation of ladies also. But in small hotels generally, we will not see ladies much.
    In our country, the security for lady employees is not up to the desired level. We hear much news where ladies were abused while discharging their duties. This tendency should come down. The women should get trained to learn self-protective techniques. Then only they can shine in all the professions without any problem. I think more encouragement from the families is the need of the hour for their progress.

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    At the outset I do not agree with the author that the hotel management field was neglected by women and in fact in our city we could see many aspiring candidates taking to this course and they feel happy because serving the tasty food is always a passion for the women folks and those who excel in this service are most sought after by the hotels. There are good hotel management colleges in Moulaali and Alwal and both are very near to my house and I could see many girls joining the class and the uniform indicates that the do give much impetus to the appearance and also giving the best education on culinary activities. But big hotels are less in Hyderabad and therefore they would be offered jobs elsewhere which may not be accepted and for that reason there may be shying away and I would say hotel management is not a flop.
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    In our country, there are a number of degree courses, postgraduate courses and diploma courses in the field of hotel management. Many girls and boys are also taking this courses. Job opportunities are also more. But in my opinion, the number of girls to continue in this job is very low compared to other jobs.

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    Small objection. A restaurant in Chennai Mylapore running in the name 'Thaligai' by a well educated lady.
    In Madurai, Trichy of Tamilnadu so many restaurants run by ladies. In Some hotels lady cooks are appointed for specific food items.

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    I travelled across the country and stayed in many good star hotels during my career. I have seen ladies working in these hotels almost in all caders. Starting from the General Manager post to lower jobs also I have seen ladies working. These star hostels pay them good salaries and take care of them well. They will be given very good perks.
    But the percentage of women working may vary from place to place. My personal observation is the percentage of ladies in hotel jobs is less in Kerals but high in Maharastra and Delhi.

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    Many women are working in the hotel industry. Only thing is that when we see comparatively with respect to boys the number of girls adopting hotel management for working in hotels may be less in numbers.
    This we are seeing not only in the field of hotel management but also in other areas where the number of women is less than the men counterpart.
    In our country though many women acquire higher qualification but many of them voluntarily take up the housewife role and are not much bothered for doing a job and making a career. It will take time to find out equal number of men and women in working places. At the same time there are some areas where number of working women is more than the number of men like nursing, air hostess etc.
    Even after having the facility of working from home, many women do not yearn for a job and career. This could be something to do with our culture and tradition but it is a fact.

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