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    Parents should not show any discrimination between the son and the daughter.

    Children are gifts of God. Having a child will give satisfaction to the parents. These days we see many couples struggling and undergoing various costly medical treatments to have a child.

    A child can be a girl child or a boy child. The parents should not show any discrimination between the two. I have seen many families in which they feel having a son is a reward. They extend all the facilities and struggle hard to educate him. At the same time, they will not extend such facilities to their daughters. Such parents will not send their daughters for higher education. Of course, these days such discrimination is reduced a bit but not completely stopped. This tendency is more in rural areas than in urban areas.

    I feel the governments should come out with some policies which will benefit the girl children so that parents will stop showing different attitudes towards the girl child. All should commit to this on this day of international girl child day.
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    It was done earlier when the daughters were not given the education as it is widely believed that she is going to other house, in the name education why to spend on her. In fact there were more children in each family and the earning potential was from one person and therefore in the name of austerity the girl child is not given that importance than the boys. But the days are changed, every girl child is more intelligent and can compete with the boys in any manner and therefore they are superlative than expected. Now a days where there are one daughter and during the marriage an agreement is made with the in-laws as to fixed sum would be parted to the parents during their life and that was good thought because after marriage many parents have gone mad without some help from any quarters and therefore I feel there is no discrimination whats so ever these days.
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    Both girls and boys can show their best in studies or any assignments they undertake. The only thing needed for achieving excellence need expertise with more inputs. Hence education is an important component without which it would not be possible to achieve skills in the different domain. There was the dearth of the opportunities for the girls in terms of education since their parents did not provide the basic needs for their girl children thinking that it would be sheer wastage of money providing them education since a large fund would be required to meet the marriage obligations later on. The parents remained in the different worlds with such wrong concepts. Of course, there has been drastic change in their attitudes as being seen in the current time. Despite the constraints of money, the parents would provide best education to their children regardless of gender discrimination for nurturing their children. As a result, we can see that the female children have contributed significantly in almost all the vital areas such as medical specialists, executives in the different departments, best scholars in the different fields, police officers and so on.

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    There was a time when if a girl was born in a family then the family members used to curse the mother. A girl child was considered bad omen for the family. The parents used to worry from day one for her marriage expenses and the big liability for the family till her marriage.
    Now the times have changed. There is practically no distinction between a girl or a boy. With the spread of education and evolution of the modern society the ill feeling for a girl child are not there.
    So there is no need to to make any distinction between them and we should treat them at par and help them in making their career and becoming independent in their lives.

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    These days the discrimination that is talked about by the author has been seen less and mostly in rural areas only. There was a time when it is believed that the girl is only for household works and taking care of their family members and boys for arranging the money to give a better life to their family but ow the time is changed. Most of the families understand this that education is very important for both boys and girls and even household warks also important for the same. It is a little different in their build-up because of their own choice but it's actually not discrimination.

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