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    Procrastinating. A dangerous habit

    Some people tend to postpone certain works because they want to avoid doing it or just due to lethargy. I feel it is always better to do any work instantly as the burden will lessen in due course of time. For example, let us take the case of some homemakers. She is the punch bag of her family, doing loads of chores at home, always on her foot,helping her kids, in-laws and husband from morning till night. Although she gets plenty of darts and a little appreciation, she loves doing her duty. Sometimes I am flabbergasted with her energy level.

    Of course, she gets extremely emotional when she becomes very tired and have to take care of her needs. However, we should appreciate that some husbands and children do help her without being asked. Women under this group should thank their stars for this.

    Now, let us turn our attention to working women. It is the flip side of the coin. The lady thinks only about her job and is always on the phone or laptop even at odd hours. The multinational corporate office pays her well and has a good status in her society. In the process, she totally neglects her kids and leaves them hurriedly to the nearest creche. Once she is at the office, she gets totally involved with her clients, attending meetings, making arrangements for having a party at weekends with her colleagues etc.

    The grass is always greener on the other side. The housewife thinks that employed females are independent because they earn their money and buy expensive items. Conversely, they have to depend on their husbands to provide her even basic things. The interesting part of the situation is that the working woman feels that the homemaker enjoys her life relaxing the whole day, watching serials on television and always connecting with the social media. I agree with them because there are some who do this. However,there are still some who lead a donkey's life.

    Finally, I leave it to you readers. Please give your views. Who is better and who is not.

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    There are some corrections. Line no 10.. some homemakers..4 the para line no 4. There are some fortunate.

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    By the way welcome back Radha after a long time and your post on the working women and their lethargic attitude towards family and children has become the case of debate in every home. If money was the only criteria for any one to earn, then they have to choose between the profession and family way. Children cannot be left to lurch and mend their own way when there are wrong doers around and may spoil the child by filling wrong notions in the tiny mind. If the child is not nurtured by the mother, over the period of time the very motherhood would be questioned by the same child and that is sorry situation for any mother. Those who have elders at the home can work for self earning but never leave the child at his behavior and that is very problematic for future. For the first five years caring from the parents would teach the basics of life and even the moral lessons required for the future of the child.
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    Welcome back and from your post it is very clear that you have interest in creative writing. I wish you continue your contributions here in various sections and also improve and enhance your creative writing power.
    You have raised quite a few issues in this post and I would suggest you to highlight one issue in one post and make it slightly concise also.
    You have very nicely narrated that procrastination is the worst thing that many of us are adhering time to time. I agree fully as postponing jobs in hand is the biggest folly of our lives.
    Regarding housewives, yes, they are doing a lot of work and they are the pillars of the household activities, no doubt on that account. We must support them from our side or whatever little we can contribute in the household works. If all the family members think like that then there will be happiness and fun filled atmosphere in the house.
    Nowadays many ladies are working also and in many cases their responsibilities are increased because they have to take care of household also to some extent if not fully and have to be attentive to their job. Because they are getting a good salary they cannot think of leaving the job also. But considering the financial freedom it gives to them, continuing the job makes sense.

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    Welcome back Radha! Considering the fact that a few changes have taken place in ISC since you became inactive, I suggest you go through this guide for new members and all the links provided therein so that you are updated. Please take care of your grammar, especially with regard to spacing after punctuations. Hope you will remain active here and contribute more often.

    I will get back to your thread later.

    #744413, you could have used the edit option to make the necessary corrections.

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    Delaying or postponing a task will always burden any woman whether she is a housewife or a working woman. This is true for anyone.
    The housewife and the working woman both have advantages and disadvantages. Both will be happy, if they receive support from other members of the family. Both of them think the other one is happy and are not satisfied with what they have.
    The families consist mostly of husband, wife, and children but not other permanent members in most of the houses. So the question of the woman doing chores for in-laws is very little. Personally, I think a homemaker is better off than a working woman.

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    Family means cohesion of the entire members where everyone takes care of the other one. If there is existence of harmony in the family members, it would be termed as an ideal family. It is not the question of calibers of the different members. Though homemaker might be exceptionally intelligent and has been a top performer in her academic performance. She might be fortunate enough to secure a matching job with her liking, but the ultimate mission of the family is to support all especially the kids for their best performances in their classes. It might be possible that she would not be in a position to pay that much attention to them due to paucity of time. She could prove to be the best teacher in the family knowing the temperament of each kid. She could prove to be the best guide even better than the male counterparts. If their kids are doing well in the schools due to the indulgence of the housewife, she would be definitely more rewarded than having a job elsewhere.

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    Nothing to post my views or comments on the subject, but to welcome you after a long gap of many years absence from ISC. Very pleased to see you back on the circuit. I hope you will continue to contribute as you had been doing it earlier. All the best, Madam.
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    Welcome back to this wonderful place of education. I wish you will contribute regularly.
    I know a lady who works in a public limited organisation and she has to manage her home also, Her husband was also working for the same organisation in a senior position and he will be always busy and never pays any attention to domestic issues. So this lady has to take care of all the activities in the house and then attend the job. But she does everything in a planned way and manages both the fronts very nicely. Her day starts very early and closes very late in the night. She guided her children well and now they settled very well in their lives. That speaks about the talent of the homemaker. She never postpones any work and completes as planned. I said this example to tell you that there are some ladies who will not have any tendency of postponing the works.
    Actually, for any person postponing the works is not good. Without our knowledge, the pending works will become more and a time will when we have to work 24 X 7 to complete all the works.
    I agree with the author that it is the human tendency to see green pastures in other's areas of work. I never feel happy with my job and I feel the other jobs are better. But we will know the depth of the pond only when we get into it. Every job is having its own pros and cons. We have to manage.
    Finally, I salute all the housewives who manage their works in a scrupulous way so that all the members of the family will be happy and have peace of mind in the house.

    always confident

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    Thank you for responding to my thread. I am really glad to get associated with you all after a long gap. ISC and the members had always appreciated my efforts which has made me think out of the box and post some interesting stuff in future

    I am not that much tech savvy. It would take time for me to understand the new rules of ISC. Thanks for the suggestion. I specially thank Ms. Vandana for her gifts.

    My husband had heart and kidney problems for the past four years. He had to undergo dialysis for three days a week. That was the reason I had stopped all the posts and taking care of him. Finally,he passed away this February at Apollo hospitals in Bangalore due to brain stroke. I didn't want to make you sad,but I wanted to disclose the reason for being away from ISC so that you will understand me better

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    Radha, so sad to hear about the untimely demise of your husband. May his soul rest in peace. As is said, death is an inevitable truth, but for the near and dear ones, it brings along unexplainable grief and creates a hollow in their lives. Glad that time has helped you to recoup and get back to your normal routine, at least to some extent. I am sure that your association with ISC will help you to keep yourself engaged and to regain your skills that have been lying idle for some time now. All the best!

    Just note that you need not be technically skilled to understand our rules and guidelines.

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    Radha Muralidhar,

    It is really sad to hear about the personal loss. May his soul rest in peace.

    When you make a commitment, you create hope. When you keep a commitment you create trust! ~ John C. Maxwell

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    Radha Muralidhar,

    I am, frankly, a little confused with the relation between the thread's topic, which is procrastination, and the age-old debate about the homemaker vs the working wife. Both, the former and the latter topics have been discussed many times in our forum.

    A thought that sprang to my mind just now was whether we ever discussed the stay-at-home father vs the working dad.

    When you make a commitment, you create hope. When you keep a commitment you create trust! ~ John C. Maxwell

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    Ok.A very good theme. I will post it very soon. Thank you for the suggestion

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    Very sad to know about the demise of your husband and I wish his soul will be rest in peace. My condolences to you and your family, I hope you are now come out of the depression and doing normally.
    always confident

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    Radha Madam,
    Very sorry to hear the sorrowful news about the demise of your beloved hubby. My deepest heartfelt condolences to you and your family members.

    No life without Sun

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    Madam Radha, my heartfelt condolences on the demise of your beloved husband. I pray to God to give you the courage to lead a peaceful life.
    " Be Good and Do Good "

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    Madam Radha,
    Very sorry to have heard the sad demise of your husband. Let Almighty provide you enough courage to sustain your life peacefully with the accomplishments of all sorts of jobs giving you satisfaction.

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    Feel very sad and sorry for this loss and hope that the coming times will heal it slowly.
    At the same time we all are happy to know that you will be engaged yourself in activities of ISC and being and old member I wish and hope that you will enjoy your new term here in the changed environment at ISC.
    Just go through some of the posts by editors and webmaster and you will know the salient features of ISC as on date.
    Wishing you all the best for your new journey in ISC.

    Knowledge is power.

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