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    Value of education with money value

    Year before the discussion on the nature of education with value of money. Nowadays the education is given with volume of money. Educational institutions draining money from parents for offering education. On the other side students come out of such institutions calculating how to collect spent money out of their education. Money minded education can give external pleasure and satisfaction but no satisfaction mentally can be attained. Mental satisfaction and atmagnan through that can never be attained through money based education.
    A historical story clearly define this. A king named Sathagavarman,though lived wealthy and satisfied public, had no mental peace. He called his minister and asked a way for that. Minister told the history of King Parikshith and his attainment of atmagnan through Shukhabramam. Further the minister suggested a pandit named Rajasarma, through him the king could attain Atmagnan with his discourse on Bhagavath saptah. King called accordingly. On the end of every day discourse the king offered a good volume of money. On the seventh day completion also the king did not felt satisfaction on his Atmagnan. He told this to the pandit. Pandit felt bad on this. On hearing this, pandit's five year old daughter went to courtyard on the next day with his father. The girl told the king that she assured Atmagnan to the king and asked the king to get tied both king and herself in a pillar. King did so. The girl asked the king to remove her tie. Puzzled king asked the girl that how one can remove other' s tie when he got tied. The girl replied,'similar to this one who do not attained Atmagnan cannot give Atmagnan to other. My father got greedy on your contribution of money and his entire interest got money minded, so you are not getting satisfaction'. Pandit got ashamed. King by leaving his reign and attained Atmagnan by meeting real offerors.
    Education without money targeted only yield the expected result.
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    Wonderful story shared by the author as the self introspection or the Atmagnan cannot be derived by has to be experienced by self and there need not be tutor for this purpose. In this story the highlight was the exposure of wealth to buy the mental satisfaction which was not possible. The money may be drained bu the wisdom cannot be obtained. What I feel that people goes arrogant on seeing wealth and money with them and that over confidence would make them to undermine the abilities and talents of others and thereby want to put the growth of others through their money power. Only few would realize that nothing can be obtained instantly and the wisdom through education always comes with experience and close observation of things happening around. And those who learn the lesson, would not run after money and it never gave peace to mind.
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    Thanks to the author for providing such an awakening post through the story so well narrated. Today education is totally commercialized and has become a tool to siphon money from the parents or the students. Banks have also joined the fray by offering lucrative educational loans to the desiring students. This is not a healthy trend because the poor students and those who cannot afford this costly education will not get opportunity to rise in their lives. One solution that comes to mind is that government should take over all the educational institutes and rationalise their fees but the question again arises whether the government will be able to effectively manage such a massive area.
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    The author has raised an interesting post in the form of a well narrated story. We can see the plenty of best institutions all around for the students hailing from well off families where money is not the constrain in securing admission in such institutions. Once the kids complete one stage, the other institution would be their ultimate destination for receiving educational inputs. At the end, they complete their educations with the best instructions by means of abundance of wealth. However, all are not the beneficiaries of such premier institutions because of unreasonable amount of fees. They are being deprived of admissions in such institutions. The only remedy which I can perceive is the rationalisation of fee structures and if that happens, we would offer the chances of admission for the unprivileged ones.

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    True. The author narrated a story in which the importance of the sincerity of a teacher in teaching his students. A guru should teach his disciples without expecting anything in return. Students should serve the teacher to the maximum extent possible and learn from him. Once the student finishes his education he may give some Gurudakshina. This is the system followed by many ancient teachers.
    But the situation today is different. A teacher will treat his student basing on their family financial status. He thinks that they will give him more money if they treat them more carefully. The teacher's mind will be always on the money he will get from the student more than what the student grasped from his students.
    I know a teacher who used to take tuitions to some students. Some of his students are very rich. So the teacher used to ask other students to wait for those students to come to start the lesson. If they come early. the same teacher used to start teaching without waiting for the other students to come.

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    A very nice story has been shared by the author, I like to thank him to share this with us this is absolutely true that when one does not have the same thing he./she not able to give it to others. In the story, the pandit is greedy for money and that is why he accepts to teach the king about the lesson of life but this is completely wrong even for anyone. These days, any tutors can find around us who may not have enough knowledge about something but they start to give their incomplete knowledge to others just only for money and in actually they create more confusion is their mind.

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