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    What is the rate prevailing in your area for an independent house?

    Those who have sufficient money are looking for independent houses which have the scope of open spaces, gardening, expansion at will and no interference from others. But owning an independent house is a costly affair in big cities. In Hyderabad, for the common salaried people, the cost ranges between 80 lacs to one crore for a 150 yard home and for villa type leisure properties, the range is between 4 to 6 crores. The members who are spread across the country may spell the rates prevailing in their areas.
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    I am living in Navi Mumbai area but in our town independent houses are not available. Most of the buildings are multi-storeyed and even if some old independent houses are there they are already occupied by the original owners and they do not have any intentions of selling it. If they want to sell it then it would have a high price at least to the tune of a few crores, I presume.
    As I heard from my friends, some plots in the periphery of the town towards hill side are earmarked for independent houses and they are auctioned by CIDCO which is the town planning agency here and these plots are bought after the auction price settles at 2 to 5 crores. In Mumbai area especially in South Mumbai there are many independent houses but they are costing more than 10-15 crores and only the celebrity status people can afford that. The cost is mainly for the plot and not for the old house which in many cases people demolish after buying and make a new design banglow of their choices.

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    Having an independent house in the cities is very difficult these days. People who purchased the land long back only are having independent houses. Now the apartment itself is costing around a crore in Hyderabad.
    Initially, I was living in an apartment in Hyderabad. But later on, I purchased a piece of land and a house was made there. When I purchased the land almost 15 years back the cost was less. But now in this area, one square yard is costing about Rs.70,000/-. Even at that rate lands are not available. The land is so dear here in Hyderabad. I hear that same is the case in many of the cities and towns these days.
    My brother purchased a house in the centre of the city which is costing about 3 crores. My sister's son purchased a house in the outskirts of Bangalore which cost him about 1.5 crores. In the coming days having an independent house will become much more difficult.

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    From the two responses it is clear that middle class cannot dream of independent house.
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    In these days, disposal of real estate assets (houses and plots and flats)is a very difficult thing. We may not get the price as we think or dream about. There are thousands of constructed houses not being sold due to their high cost. Middle class people cannot even think about buying flats in major cities. It is better to buy plots in the outskirts of the city.

    Choose a good village near the city. Construct an independent house. Enjoy life.

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