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    Feminist Discourse- How do you see it?

    Feminism a term which basically talks about gender equality and aspects like equal pay for equal work, respect and to break away from patriarchal minset and regressive rules and regulations that are placed on woman by patriarchal society. Basically if we see it, It is a movement for demand of equality. But in modern time this movement has acquired a negative name and people often associate every wrong thing a woman does with femminsm.
    They don't understand the work that has gone behind building up this movement and criticises the whole movement because of some aggressive woman who misuse woman rights. So why don't they blame the particular movement instead of blaming woman. And one of the most simple thing is that man can also be feminist but people even many woman feel fearful and ashamed to be associated with the movement.
    If you talk about gender equality you are a feminist so why be afraid of the term so much. Will you be able to call yourself a feminist if you are in favour of gender equality and woman right or you too associate this term with negative connotation it has got because of social media and wrong propaganda. Are you really aware about the movement or you just have prejudices about it based on social media.
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    When it comes to equal rights and opportunism for women, the debate is always in the favor of more power and empower to women but in the long run the crab game takes place and ulterior motive people would not allow the women to progress beyond certain point so that they can be reigned in by the powerful men. When the debate for the reservation for women in Parliament we know many parties were against it and that proved my observations. Even in elections though women are given the seat being the reserved constituency for the ladies, when won the election through the women votes, it is the men or the husband who takes the charge and control everything from the back door and therefore I see there is a systematic approach being carried out not to bring women into fore for the obvious reasons for sure.
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    The author has raised a very important issue and has well presented it in this post. We all happily talk of giving respect and position to women but when it comes to convert that in action then we are either against it or are reluctant to execute it. It is true that men had dominated the world and the society since long maybe since the inception of the human life on earth and it is still going on.
    The credit goes to the education which was imparted to the women at large and the freedom given to them to join a job and make a career in the society in the same way as men do, and women have at least nowvattained some level and are relentlessly fighting for the equal rights to them. This is going to be a very long fight and long journey to reach the ultimate aim of achieving the equitable stage where there is no distinction between men and women as regards to the power and position.
    This is a pity that many persons feel shy about accepting that they are associated with the feminist movement. This is simply a weakness to accept the truth and in many cases I will say it is male chauvinism that is influencing them most of the times.

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    I agree with the author. Equal rights to women are in words only and we are not seeing actions to the level they are needed. There is an improvement over some time. But still, a long way has to go.
    Forget about equal rights, the security of women is becoming a big problem. But in all the issues we can't blame men alone. There may be some issued from the other side also.
    There is nothing wrong with asking for equal rights. They deserve also. But there are some cases where the women do something wrong and blame the men. In many houses I have seen, the ladies-only will have differences among themselves and that is making them weak. We all know well about the issues between mother in law and daughter in law which is making the gents of the family get worried more than women.

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    The author is absolutely correct, why should e think about feminists when we are already thinking about equality. I think initially the word feminist comes for balancing the rights of men and women but for a long time this word is taking a different direction. As the author said the truth, that many women misuse their rights and create a false trap on others in the name of feminsim. Men or women or any creature in this world is created by the superpower. When we talk about men and women we find only one difference that is their physical appearance and some internal differences but it does not create a difference in their social status, both are equal and always should be.

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