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    What if ISC gets a new section of current affairs and news?

    ISC is a very nice platform to get knowledge of many things and its forum section is a very good section to have a discussion and enrich one's knowledge but many times its forums get repetitive or have similar content. So there is not much scope of discussion there.

    How about ISC having a section of current affairs and news and having a discussion on current and relevant topics? Today in the era of fake news and fake propaganda, it is very difficult to get something authenticated on social media platforms. So why not have such a thing on ISC to have news after all the research and have discussions on it? What do you think about it?
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    I do agree with the author that there is much scope for ISC to debate and discuss the current affairs and news emanating from across the country and a separate section be created. But many known members who are are well versed to read the news and do post the questions here for debate. However most of them being the anti government and not going into the realities, the responses would be on obvious reasons and thus a kind of face off takes place to which ISC is very averse. Therefore I do not think the administration would consider this request. But you have the right to raise any current affair question concerning the country and if the topic seems to be a burning one and affecting people then ISC need to discuss without fail. ISC has grown up now and a matured discussion on any matter should be allowed and not deleted.
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    Current affairs are those which have a great influence on the people and shape their lives. They need to be discussed. The criticism will be mostly on the government and the party in power. The discussions generally continue on a partisan basis. Criticism of government should not be taken as anti-government Criticism taken in a proper perspective helps the government to improve its performance.
    The members discussing such subjects should strictly follow the etiquettes of online writing. Opinions differ but they should be discussed in an impartial manner.

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    In my view current affairs and news are already covered well in the forum section as many members are floating post related to that area. All the important days of the year and happenings around us are somehow reflecting in the forum threads time to time.
    What can be done is that whenever there is a piece of information which is important then we can try to post a forum post related to that and see the observations of the other members on it. I think we can incorporate new inventions, new educational policies, social development ideas, environmental aspects, and many other areas which are well covered in the newspapers today and we can pick up some of those items and convert them in a presentable forum post for the discussions of the members. I hope that by going like that the purpose will be met.
    Only thing is if more members submit a post on the same issue or same news then it is natural that some of the posts have to be locked in order to reduce the repetitive contents.

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    We should discuss the latest developments happening within our country and readers can get sufficient inputs having both pro and anti views of the current developments. There is always the scope for the better handling of issues by the government. Any honest appraisal of the readers is to be analysed and correction can be effected if they find the same justified. However, we take up lot of subjects for the discussions related to natural calamities, deaths due to corona, unemployment problems due to the pandemic situations etc and our members have responded with the details how the same can be redressed. I think government should take the same in the positive ways and if needed, the administration will incorporate the remedial steps.

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    Neelam, one can always bring up current topics in the forum under the available categories. The only thing is that the content should be conceived and expressed in such a manner that it elicits a fruitful discussion. Also, it should not be mere duplication of news reports or social media messages. I don't think there is a need to open a new section for the same.
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    We are seeing many threads on current affairs and news. Today we have seen a thread on the shortage of coal. Like that from time to time, some threads are being raised. Important issues are discussed as Group discussions from time to time. All these activities are taking place in this forum itself. So why should we have a separate section? We can discuss matters of national and international interest on this forum itself. But the author who brings the topic should see the authenticity of the news before he makes the thread. It is not like on social media and you can't write whatever you want. There will be an Editor monitoring each thread and will reject if any unconfirmed news is brought into the news.
    I am of the opinion that there is no need for a separate section and we will bring those discussions and news in this section itself.

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    Although the author gives a nice suggestion still I too agree with others that the forum section is always being a section where authors shared different threads and most of them also related to the current topic. The forum section already providing different categories for the threads that connect the topic.

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