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    If life is a marathon, surprise yourself, with challenged moves

    Life is not easy for many as it is considered as a marathon where many would run towards the target and very few would be the winners, some are trying to be in top 10 or 20 but many are left out in the race. Some have quit the marathon on the way thinking that it was foolish decision to participate against the mighty and performers. But there should be element of surprise in our life and that must be ignited from our self and that would give chance and path to attain even the challenged situation. So never perturbed by the crowd of challenges but a change in our approach to life matters.
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    Failures or successes in our lives will only be there when we attempt something. If we are not attempting anything then there is no question of any result and that is a pathetic situation for a human being if one is thinking in those terms.
    We all know that life is a struggle and in fact it is a continuous struggle where there may be a series of failures also but the real players will not be discouraged by that and will keep their efforts with a refreshed and rejuvenated mind. Every failure gives us a lesson and experience to go ahead with modified schemes and plans so that the chances of failures reduce significantly. So we must take up the challenges and the marathons that we encounter in our lives time to time.

    Knowledge is power.

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    We should not be afraid of the outcomes if we are involved in some assignments. Not necessarily, we will be crowned with success always. Failure should not dampen the spirit in case of our failures but a proper introspection is needed to pinpoint the causes of such failures. Corrections can be effected accordingly. However, we have seen many of us might fall in the entrap of frustration if the same occurs repeatedly. A little deviation in the working procedure can ruin the entire work. Proceeding with the cool manner and familiarity of all ins and outs will certainly lead to success.

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    Mohan, if life is a marathon, the only option is to maintain your pace and keep running so as to reach the destination within the best possible time. One may fall, one may move out, but the ones who are determined will keep running till they reach the destination irrespective of the time they take.

    We have discussed success and failure in this forum many times, in different forms and this thread is also not very different, except for the scenario. But the point is that life is not about competing with others or with yourself. It is about understanding one's limitations and capabilities and maintaining the will and vigour to move forward until you reach your goal, no matter how much time you take or how many difficulties you face.

    'Mastering others is strength. Mastering yourself is true power'. -Lao Tzu

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    Life is a struggle for many and it is never a bed of roses for all. Some may be lucky to be born rich. They will enjoy their lives. For them, there will not be any failures as they never go for competing.
    But for some people, it is really a marathon. They have to run for making their kitchen run. Here the goal will be different. For them, meeting the minimum needs of their family will be the only goal in life. They will try and manage somehow. They can't withdraw from that. So they will keep on trying till they achieve the same.
    There will be different marathons and all can't participate in all of them. Participation will be based on eligibility. So we should also take a decision of participation based on our capacity and necessity.

    always confident

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