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    Shortage of coal for power production

    India is having huge coal reserves and good coal production also but recently we have seen that there is shortage of coal and the Electric Power production is affected to some extent and if the situation is not controlled or the supplies of coal not revived or it is not imported in time from other countries than we may head for a situation where there will be power shortage and there will be a regular shut down which will cause inconvenience for the general public as well as for the industries. What are the reasons of this sudden shortage of coal and in its supply?
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    Mainly coal mining will be conducted by Coal India Limited (CIL) and Singereni collieries. India's power production is more dependent on coal supplies. 70% of power production is carried out using coal-fired boilers. 75% of the coal is produced by these two companies. The remaining 25% of coal is imported. Recently there is a big increase in the price of imported coal. In the month of March, Indonesia was supplying coal at $60/- per tonne. In the month of November, the price is increased to $200/- per tonne. Presently there is a power crisis in China that made the cost of coal to increase.
    This increase is making the people depend more on domestic supplies. The Indian coal production got affected mainly due to floods in eastern and central India. The power producing organisations will have some stocks and presently these stocks are coming down. I think the coal production will become normal shortly and there may not be much distrubance in power production.

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    At present this is the burning topic being discussed across the internet. Though India has the vast reserves of coal deposits, this time there could not be sufficient stock being stored for the future before monsoon sets in and thus country run out of stock. However the latest news says that the Coal India has already stepped up the production and distribution to critical places where the coal deposits are left for another one or two days. The alarm bell was started by the Delhi government as Kejriwal is in soup for having announced free power and no stock of coal and therefore asked the center to look into the matter immediately. Incidentally many states are going for polls shortly and this coal shortage is also part of political game to corner the state promises. Thankfully Telangana has the surplus power as we get the current through dry waste collected daily.
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