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    E-book creative writing Team challenge - registrations invited

    Some years ago, I had put forward a suggestion for a creative writing contest that would involve members in participating in teams. At that time, the concept was not received with enthusiasm so it was never announced. Not to be deterred, it is my dream to organize at least one successful team contest as an editor, and I hope the concept that I am putting forward now has a few takers and my heartfelt wish gets fulfilled.

    What the challenge is about - Having organized various contests, it was found that the E-book creative writing one was quite popular, wherein each member wrote a chapter, continuing the story based on the previous chapter's content, keeping in mind the main theme of the e-book. So let's take up the concept of the e-book with the new concept of teamwork for this month's creative writing contest. Essentially, each team will be writing a unique mini e-book.

    Here's how it will work- The number of members of a team will be determined by the number of members who register for the contest in this thread. Each team will have a captain. Who will be the captain and who will be the members of each team will be revealed to you once the registrations close. The role of the captain will be to (a) select the genre for the e-book (mystery, humour, etc), (b) decide on the main theme of the e-book, and (c) decide who will write the first, second, and third chapters (the no. of chapters will be determined by the no. of registered participants).

    Other details of the contest will be revealed by and by, in this thread, and the main contest's rules with the cash prizes will be announced separately. The cash prize will be such that each member of the winning team will get the same amount. The onus thereby rests on every member of a team to come up with a good chapter, as collectively the chapters should make for a good read.

    So are you game for this challenge? Do express your interest to participate in a response below. It would be good to have quick registrations, please, so that we can wind up the contest before everyone gets busy with pre-Diwali preparations!

    Note that you should register only if you will be available to participate within the coming week since each chapter will be expected to be submitted within 24 hours of the submission of the previous chapter by your team's member.
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    I am Interested in this ebook writing competition.
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    I will be happy to participate in this contest. So, please include me in the list of the participants.
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    I am also interested in participating in the contest. So I request the Managing Editor to consider my name also for the contest. Keen to know further details about the contest.
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    Ma'am, please count me in.
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    Kindly register my name.

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    Happy to see five quick registrations. The more members sign up, the better, as then the teams will be larger.
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    Madam Vandana,
    I am for the game.

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    I am also interested. Please count me in.

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    I am hoping 12 members register to make it a proper team challenge with four teams of three members each. So far only 7 have registered. If we get even 8 participants, we can then at least have four teams with two members in each.
    When you make a commitment, you create hope. When you keep a commitment you create trust! ~ John C. Maxwell

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    Count me in, if you please Vandana, I'm back after a long hiatus. Sorry for being a little late...

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    Dear Vandana,

    I am interested in registering for the competition. Plese count me in

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    I am also interested. Pls count me.

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    Many thanks to the 10 members who have registered for the contest. Now it will be a proper team challenge. We will have five teams, each team with two of you. I will announce the teams in a separate thread and explain further how the challenge will take place so that if you have any queries you can clarify that before the actual contest is announced on Tuesday 19th.

    Registrations are now closed for this contest.

    When you make a commitment, you create hope. When you keep a commitment you create trust! ~ John C. Maxwell

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