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    Be interested to be curious

    Many teachers complain to the parents that their child is not attentive or interested in the class and therefore there is lack of curiosity in understanding the studies or interpreting it. How can one get interested, when apt listening mentality if created. If one listens properly, the understanding would be perfect and that would lead to curiosity and desire to know more. And listening pleasure always associated with the person to whom we are meeting and interacting. So there should two side actions to created interest and curiosity.
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    Curiosity will come only when there is an interest in the subject. If there is no interest we can't get curiosity. That is why we have to see the interest of the student and see that he will get trained in that line so that he will get curious and do his best.
    Another question is how to see that the students will get interested. Some teachers will teach in such a way that the students will get interested in the subject. This is possible only when the student is in his/her primary classes only. Once he grows he will make up his mind and have his likes and dislikes. Here the role of the parents also is very important. They should observe their kid very carefully and see that he will develop an interest in all the good aspects of life.
    The way in which the teacher teaches also will make the student develop an interest in the subject he teaches.

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    Today the human race has reached at such an advanced stage of modernisation is all due to the inherent characteristics of curiosity and desire to unravel the unknown. Until unless we ask a lot of questions about the things happening around us in the lap of nature, we would not learn the new things. So, it is natural that without interest and curiosity the learning will not start. Now the basic question that rises in our mind is how to inculcate or create the element of curiosity in the children so that they also take interest in their studies and make a good career in lives. The answer is not simple but I can only say that we have to provide a conducive environment to them and show them by actions as what is the utility of learnings in our lives and how we can convert it to a glorious career in our lives. We have to provide them exposure to all the activities related to the learning and knowledge accumulation. Once the adequate interest is generated in them then rest is easy and they themselves would like to follow that bright path.
    Knowledge is power.

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