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    Do we entertain a prejudiced notion about people from other states or culture?

    It is human nature to have some presumptions, prejudices and biases when we meet someone new and these stay with us until we know the person more.

    But what about the biases towards other cultures, other states and about different languages with which we grew up or saw on television and believed them to be true. And if there were some prejudices, were you able to unlearn such things and see the people in front without bias?

    I had such prejudices about the people from Haryana after watching some shows on television in which they were often stereotyped as rude and very straightforward. But when I came to Delhi I got to know many people from Haryana who were very soft-spoken and far far away from being rude.

    Have you met someone with such a preconceived notion and were you able to break away from that notion? Are you still living with some sort of presumption about some community, culture or state?

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    This society is having all types of people. Some will be friendly, some will like to be alone. Some may decisive other etc. We can't have all good people or all bad people. That all depends on the mentality of the individual. I observe auto drivers and cab drivers who will be waiting near the bus stands for passengers. When they see a stranger, they will try to escalate rates and demand more. They want to encash the ignorance of the people. But all will not be like that. I have seen in many colonies in Hyderabad, the local people never show any bias or discrimination towards the people from other states are countries. They will be friendly. But in villages, people will have some problem with language and they can't covey properly. Otherwise, even in villages, people will have a very nice reception.
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    Our presumptions and notions are based on the media, internet, books, and newspaper what we read. In other words it could be what we perceive after going through all the data there. The interesting thing in this regard is that our notions might go totally wrong when we meet the people from a particular place in person and talk to them.
    I remember that when I got a job and was posted in a remote place in Assam state about 44 years back, all my relatives and family members asked me not to take that job and wait for some other job. The reason they gave was very strange that Assam was a land of magic and someone might capture my soul and spirit there and then I would not return back. I was badly in need of a job so I didn't bother for those magical things and I went there and had a very nice stay for about 6 years. I found that place was good as well as people were also very good. Only thing I observed was that the state was not developed in comparison to other states like Gujarat, Punjab, UP, Tamilnadu, Kerala etc.
    So sometimes our presumptions may be totally false and misleading.

    Knowledge is power.

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    After reading this post my thoughts went to my friend who hails from Delhi but traveled to Tamil Nadu on his own and gave his feedback about the people and place. Having known only Hindi and English, he could able to manage and move deep inside the districts and villages and also went to temples and participated in the rituals. What he said that as long as we are cordial and understand the local culture, people believe that you are a local person and they behave as such. He has seen wearing veshti or white dhoti while going to the temple would evoke good respect and that he has done and got the right respect and response. So what my friend said is right, we have to change our moves when we are in other states and try to be with them and if the local language is known, that would be far better and that is the reason Marwaris are hit by opening money lending or Kirana shops anywhere in South and they learn the local dialect fast.
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    We are accepting that company to company the rules differ and we do follow. But the same we do not accept the different follow up followed in different families, religion, state, language etc. These are all according to our mind and thought. Many daughters in law do not accept to follow mother in law side follow ups.
    It is bitter to see that people mocking or commenting other religion or state follow ups by forgetting all are following same but in different manner.

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    I agree with the author that some source of information render us kind of stereotyped depiction of particular class of people. This kind of depiction looks awkward. Most of the young generation or immature ones take all such depiction as true to their hearts and keeps them in darkness unless they come in touch with these damned crowd and having personal interaction with negative picture is dimmed at bit as the author has written about his misconception pertaining haryanvi people.
    It is very much possible that some people might be carrying hatred for other culture and language. Sometimes, we happen to experience this hatred too. I have seen kind of hatred on internet where some people show their grudge for other languages or cultures. But most hatred is for religion and caste and it can experienced quite commonly.
    Showing hatred or animosity or grudge, all these are inhuman activities and no civilised person will espouse this disgusting trend.

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