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    Stay at home father versus working papas

    The millennials of the digital world have changed their style of living and way of thinking in a liberal way. No doubt that some husbands prefer staying at home and taking care of their children while their well qualified and able wives are encouraged to work without any hazzle of worrying about their children. Indeed ,the role model has reversed.

    Now,the father who stays at home willngly looks after the naugties kids of today with utmost patience when they are unruly. In fact ,he enjoys their activities. When his neibhours openly call them henpecked and laugh at his role as a homemaker he doesn't even acknowledge them. For them it is a pleasure to nurture their children very efficiently

    He is also skillful teacher as he is also well qualified,he makes sure that his children get good grades. In addition to that,he teaches social values and how to be street smart and not get cheated by crooks. In a way,a stay at home father should be given a brownie for his new avatar

    On the flip side,working fathers work long hours only to give a comfortable life to their children. As we all know, the school and college fees are sky rocketting every year. Sometimes he also takes up part time jobs to make both ends meet. In the process,he totally neglets his health. When he is rushed to the emergency of the hospital by his office staff due to severe chest pain he is told by the doctor that he had a mild heart attack. As the company has insured him there was no financial burden.

    The children of the fathers of both the categories must take care of their father very well for their selless devotion towards them. However,when we come across ruthless sons leave their dear old papas at old age homes as they feel that their fathers advices them unwantedly and intrude their privacy our hearts melts and with a heavy heart we watch episodes after episodes bin real life as well as reel life

    To conclude,I would like to advice the fathers to be a little selfish and keep a good bank balance and make investments for the rainy days when ugrateful,disaffectinate sons throw away their fathers like a fly in a tea cup,they should walk away from the clutches with out worrying a bit
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    Good advice from the author. The working people should understand that they will also have old age and they can't earn at that time. So they should think of saving some money for their future. Such fathers need not worry about their old age. But the main problem is not money. The problem is help and support. The old father may wait for a word of love from his sons. But these days these busy sons are not having time to have a word with their old parents. There the problem comes. I know sons who are paying money for the father's stay in an old age home. The main reason is the son and her wife are very busy with their works and they have no time to take care of them.
    One should remember that everybody will have old age and require some support from others. Today if the sons are good with their fathers, tomorrow their sons will be good with them.

    always confident

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    The author has raised two issues through this post. One is about the father who stays in home and takes care of the kids and second is about the sons who do not take care of their fathers in their old age.
    Now a days when husband and wife both are working or one of them working in high position then the other person is not making any issue about living in the house and taking care of household. This thing is slowly becoming very common.
    As regards to the people who are not taking care of their parents in their old age, this is really a big problem and the concept of nuclear family has added fuel to the fire. The sons are giving the financial help but are not ready to come physically to the place where their parents live and take care of them. Being at the apex of their careers it might not be possible for them also. In many cases they can not take the parents with them also. Some of them are even keeping their parents in old age homes. This is the problem which has arisen due to the cultural change in the society and I don't see any solution for that at the present juncture.

    Knowledge is power.

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    There are some homes where the work of the father is subjected to the house and that does not mean he is the waste and not contributing to the development of the family and at being in the home, it is kept in order because the children are taken care off and the working wife need not bother about the happenings at home. And father being more dear to the children, the care is 100 percent and the nurture would be perfect but the scene changes when the same child gets married and the contributions of the father is not at all cared. At the old age the father yearns for the respect and inclusive attention from the children and invariably this goes for the toss as the preference of children are as per their career and earning spree and not cared to the sentiments of father or elders at home and this is the reality we face in many homes.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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