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    Where are we headed to? Killing people with cars?

    The chilling details of what is now called thr Kodanadu robbery and murder case that a car was used to kill a real accused in the case, is now out in the public domain. For those who do not know what Kodanadu Estate means, it was the estate acquired by the Queen of Corruption called Jayalalitha along with her most corrupted accomplice,Sasikala,who is now trying to take over the highly corrupted AIADMK party.

    And now comes the UP case. How can someone drive mercilessly in a crowd, killing farmers rightway? Let us forget who did it. Is this the India that we would like our childre growing up in? Juicy details are available in every Indian language. What impression will it leave on minds of those in the 10 to 15 age group? Social media is now doing such a fabulous job. Hope this is the last such an incident occurs in India.
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    Indian politics is now at such a shameful point. The son of the then Chief Minister of combined Andhra Pradesh YS R Reddy and the present Chief Minister of present Andhra Pradesh was involved in many such incidents, But they will never come into the light of the day. In their fort called lotus pond how many murders took place are never known. There are many such leaders now. It was a land for leaders like Lal Bahadur Sastry and now we are seeing the difference.
    It is inhuman on the part of the minister's son to drive his car onto the gathered public. An FIR was already lodged and action will be taken I hope. The people who are rich by the money acquired from their ancestors or elders will never know how valuable is life and they think they can do anything they wanted. The UP government may be giving compensation and other things to the families of the killed people but who can bring back the lives of the dead.

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    This type of incidents are the blot on Indian democratic system. This is not happening for the first time as we had been seeing such incidents in various parts of the country and the people involved were either celebrities or political leaders or people having high position and money in the society. In doesn't mean that all of them are bad but the unfortunate reality is that even if a few of them are bad and evil they are sufficient to degrade the reputation of other members also.
    Until unless there is a stern and strict system to punish the culprits who are doing this in open and in presence of public, we cannot hope for the closure of these bad memories. Democratic system doesn't empower us to kill others just like that. Kashmir is the worst example of this kind of killings where the killers emerge out of nowhere and then disappear quickly, never to be caught by the authorities. Because of the continuous fear of such elements, public also does not co-operate with the authorities.

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    Its very unfortunate that those who were in power and fully misusing their position and strength to do what ever they want as if there is no accountability to their overtures. Fortunately we in democracy has the option to change the political parties which are ruling with will and not caring the public opinion and thus when the opposition comes to the power, the whole thing of excesses would be dig and the truth would be out. What the things happened during Jaya regime is the shameless loot of the public money and they had already been rejected and dejected for having done the wrong. And the road rage in UP was something with vengeance and good that law is taking its action. One thing is sure those in power are going over board and that should be nipped in the bud and not to flare up.
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    Such accidents in India are regular, but are not coming to light. Before coming to a conclusion about the UP case, we should study and analyze the case, the circumstance, the situation, the condition of the driver, the condition of the vehicle, whether it was accidental or intentional etc etc etc. The case has flared up as the person involved is a minister's son. If it was someone else, the incident might have been just ignored by the media and the people.
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    It is very unfortunate to see how new and unprecedented mishaps are increasing in our country. Occurrence of accidents or incidents are common but the way these accidents and incidents are tackled leaves a rut of questions. I don't know what I should say about such incidents where people's lives have lost importance. Perhaps we have entered a new phase of real world where ground realities are, often, concealed and trivial issues are highlighted with well-orchestrated narratives. Henceforth, blame game starts from ruling and opposition parties. I am worried for insensitive behaviour of people.
    I hope truth will come out and victims will be given justice.

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