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    Take action when the smoke emanates and not after flare up of fire

    During the course of our daily life and responsibility we do confront with challenges and sad period to which we need to take timely action like when the smoke emanates, that is the indication of impending disaster and damage control exercise must be initiated otherwise the time would be limited to see change of scene from smoke to flare up of fire and that could not be controlled. Same way any problems should attended and stopped at the initial stage itself without giving chance to aggravate. Register your comments please.
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    This is a very nice post by the author. It is said that coming events cast their shadows before. If we understand this and calculate or foresee the coming events then in many cases we can take actions in advance to avoid the incoming problems. Human mind is capable of taking stock of situations and deriving some good conclusions based on those observations. Those who take advantage of this fact take right decision at the right time by doing good homework and pondering about the issue in detailed and elaborate manner. We should not wait for the situation to become adverse and then trouble us. We must use our wisdom to speculate the things much in advance to avoid any unwanted happening.
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    This is really a nice post by the author. We should be wary of the unfavourable situations and a timely decision alone can save us from the embracing situation. Any delay in taking the timely decision will spoil upcoming results. Let us take the case of the replacement of tyres of the scooters. We are delaying for the replacement of the same for some reason or the other. The ultimate result could be disastrous. We can analyse the outcome seeing the tyre conditions and we must keep some money aside for the replacement of worn tyres otherwise the result could be suicidal.

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    I agree with the author's point of view that we need to have the farsightedness to see the problems beforehand if we could resolve it we should try to stop it before it becomes big. In other words to kill the problem when it is just a bud and have not flowered into its worst form.
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    A stitch in time saves nine. This is a well-known proverb. Another proverb is prevention is better than cure. If we can avoid an unwanted situation, it is better. So let is be cautious and try not to get into trouble. That is the best in the first place. But sometimes we may not be able to prevent it. But it is better to notice the problem at the budding level itself so that we can take corrective action and stop flaring up. If we never notice the problem it will damage the whole system and we will not be able to recover anything from the ashes.
    if there is any illness, the moment you felt the issue. you should start reacting to the problem. You have to consult a doctor and start using medicines so that the problem will not get aggriviated. If we ignore the same. the severity will increase and we may not be able to get normal easily. So I agree with the author. Once should stop the problem at the budding stage itself so that we will have a happy life.

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    The author is absolutely correct, when any challenge arises and we already understand or feel it we should take immediate actions otherwise there would be more chances for more losses. Waiting for the last moment when the situation is going from the hand or out of your control will make our troubles more complicated. Life is full of challenges and great moments also, we have to live in both situations so when we know that only we are who can handle our life's challenges then why do we need to wait for others and making it more complicated. We should do what's in our control at our level in the initial stage.

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