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    One bad habit of one person can spoil the whole family.

    It is said that if a woman wants, she can make a happy family, she can also destroy a family, but it is not limited to only a woman but applies to men as well. We have seen many families getting spoiled due to the one bad habit of men that is drinking. The same habit in which a man forgets all his family responsibilities in front of the habit of alcohol and many times drowns himself so much that he causes harm and trouble to his own people and there is a time when he has to lost his own people and only intoxication remains.

    In such a situation, a person destroys not only himself but his wife, children, and other members also suffer. We see such cases in court or in our identity and around. The government and the judicial system also understand this, but still why is not such action taken so that the families of the people can be saved from breaking up. It is very painful when one bad habit destroys many other relationships.
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    The author is right that one bad habit of the head of the family or anyone in the same family is enough to spoil the environment. Alcoholism is always associated with a number of bad habits such as indulgence in the fighting, negligence of the duty, telling frequent lies, not taking care of kids and wives, habituated with living in the loan - burden etc. It is not that the man under alcohol is not aware of his shortcomings but unfortunately he cannot give up the same. The ultimate sufferers are the members of the entire families. If the culture of the family is lost, there cannot be no more progress. Remedy lies in changing the behaviours of such men with the social pressure. Even there should be governmental agencies to watch closely such disarrayed people and should establish some rehabilitation centres where they are treated for their heavy alcoholism so that they can take care of their families.

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    Alcoholism despite any gender is very dangerous for a person who is affected and addicted by it and all the people around him/her. It spoils a whole family and everyone involve in the person's life.
    It is not anyone's responsibility neither government nor the family members of a person affected by it, but solely of the person who indulges in such activities. And it is the value system with which a person grows up, friend circle and social set-up which decide the inculcation of such habits and those are the things that need betterment.

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    That is true. I have seen many families that are spoiled due to the drink habit of the head of the family.
    We were having a servant maid. She is married and has 3 daughters. Her husband was not having any income and he got habituated to drinking. Every day he used to force his wife for some money and the whole family was suffering. They were suffering a lot. He died three years before. Now the family is not having any problem. She admitted her children to schools and they are in hostels as they belong to BC they need not pay any money and the hostel is free to them. She joined a company which supply manpower to banks and she is working in a bank as a peon. She stopped working in houses and now they are all doing well. The death of her husband made the family improve their living.
    Bad habits like drinking and smoking will spoil the health of the individual. In addition to that, the whole family will suffer due to the bad habit of a person in the house.

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    A family consists of some members and it is expected that each of the member contributes to the wellbeing and progress of the family. It is a collaborative group activity for the development of the family. In this situation if even a single member does a mistake or commits some errors than that could be disastrous for the whole family. For example if a member of a family commits a crime and is caught and sent to the jail then the reputation of the whole family drops drastically and people start to indicate all of them as culprits or evil ones.
    In the same way if a member of the family starts drinking or gets trapped in bad company then that is also very dangerous for the family because one contributing member is lost to bad habits and the remaining members have to manage the household and related responsibilities. It is like losing a good employee in an organisation. What can be worse than that?

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    This is the social problem many poor families are facing especially the labor class after the hectic day of the work, they tend to have drink and if that is in normal mode, that's good, but over drinking proved to be fatal and sometimes family members have to search for the person who has fallen down somewhere en-route to the house and this is the greatest humiliation that a person who is the bread earner for the family also drowns himself with drinking. Gone are the days when the liquor shops would be few and the drinking would in the vicinity but now in every street at least two shops are there to facilitate the drinkers and the governments are getting good income over the continued bad behavior of drinking. And wherever there was total prohibition, that is not imposed properly as smuggling across the state happens.
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    The author is perfectly right. Because of the bad habit of a drunken father the whole family got ruined. Because of smoking habit a person known to me died with cancer but his entire family was in the street.

    The same point is reiterated in our ethics like Ramayana and Mahabharata. Both ethics are meant for a person to lead a good life and indicates the results of evil thought in at least one person. In Ramayana the total kingdom of Ravana got ruined because of his single bad thought of abducting other's wife. In Mahabharata one evil minded person, Shakun, became cause for ruin of entire Kauravas.
    In Tamil, there is a saying,'oru kudam paalukku oru thuli visham' which means a drop of poison is enough for entire pot of good milk to spoil. Similarly if one person possess bad habit in a family entire family got affected in somehow or other.

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