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    When there were no mobiles, perhaps the fear was less.

    When I was young and used to go outside the house to any friend's house, I never felt that my mother or family worried about me in any way. My father or other members used to go on the journey even the elders of the house used to believe that their journey would be good, while there was no medium to talk during the journey.

    After the advent of mobile, we have become used to calling our loved ones again and again, especially when they are traveling or out of the house. And if the person in front does not pick up the call, then different types of illusions and thoughts start coming into our minds. Agreed that mobile is a big revolution which has also helped the people but somewhere in the mind a confused situation has been created.
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    In earlier times when there was no mobile communication and no other shortcuts to inform our whereabouts to our families then people were taking too many precautions before going out. First of all they will be going out with someone and not alone that was the very important precautions that people were taking at that point of time especially the girls or the ladies of the house.
    At that time life was a bit tougher also and people were much disciplined in the sense that they will return back in time and everyone knew that who will be coming back at what time. If there was a delay then everyone will be alarmed.
    One more thing which was different at that time was that people lived in groups especially in villages and in small towns they lived as a compact group and took care of each other so if there was some untoward happening or incident they would rush to help the person who had been offended by some evil element. Today we are lacking that.
    Today we have got only the mobile communication in our hands and we are waiting for that to ring.

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    We have had different experience in those days when mobile phones were not available. We were in the habit of writing letters to our near and dear ones occasionally to know their well beings. However, the introduction of the mobile system has eased up our lives and in no time, we can establish a contact with whom we want to have some communication. This has even lessened the burden of the post - office of less flow of cards and envelopes. On the other hand, mobile phones have created unusual problems not seen earlier. People remain hooked to the mobile phones for the prolonged talks or viewing U Tubes or Facebook's wasting the valuable times which could have been utilised otherwise with some constructive activities. We need to inculcate some discipline so this apparatus is used judiciously.

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    When there were no mobile phones people were still concerned but they had no option, I will not say that phones have created fear but I will definitely say the dissemination of news and crimes all over the country and its portrayal on social media have created fear and thus the fear and panic.
    Although I do agree too much use of phones have aggravated panic among people when they are not able to contact other people. It has become really difficult to imagine your life without phones. Even for just one day if there is any sort of blackout or social network is down people get restless and panicky they don't have anything to do. We have become so much glued to our phones that we have forgotten other aspects of life and how we should live.
    We go to roam around to places for sightseeing but more than sightseeing all we do is check out if the pictures are perfect or not even at tourist places we are more inside the phone than outside the phone,
    The phone has transformed our life but they are not the cause of fear but yes they are the reason for aggravated panic, doubts and anxieties.

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    True. When there are no mobile phones, people are relying more on landline phones and letters. Somebody is on the move means he has to contact the family on his own. There was no way the house members can contact them. After reaching the destination they have to inform either through landline phone or a letter. People used to be confident and they were not worried. But these days everybody is having mobiles and each can contact the other person at any time. At every regular interval, we will be calling the person or the person may be contacting us.
    If we think that the person will be safe and he will contact us in case of any problem. we will not have any anxiety and we will not be worried. But that confidence levels are coming down day by day and that is creating all these problems. Monitoring has become easy and we can track people where ever we are and wherever they are.

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    What the author said is right, when there was no mobile we were living peacefully and no apprehensions of wrong thoughts. Now that the mobiles are with every one we expect updating now and then which is irritating. And this so called updating is used for many purpose and that is very irksome. On the other day I have seen a son and daughter in law shopping for a saree probably for the Mother in law and the way each saree was asked to open and shown as the live video to the mother in law and she was asking full opening of saree as if none other customers present at the shop and that was very irritating for the shop owner who ultimately warned the customer that they can shop online and not inside this shop. That means we are taking too much liberty of mobiles and its features and not worried about others and their being bothered for our actions.
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