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    A single action is much better than hundreds of thoughts

    Our mind is always busy with thoughts. We get myriads of ideas and thoughts and feel that if we do like this then that would happen and if we do like that then this will happen. Mind will never be at rest and will be busy doing that in repeated cycles.
    These thoughts are all theoretical ponderings because until and unless we convert them in the real action or execute them or implement them, there will be no progress or development. What is required is action and not only action but a sustained action to complete the task which is generated from that thought process. A single action is better than a hundred thoughts. What is your opinion about this?
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    All that we sow won't grow except a few good seeds. Similarly, the thoughts are like seeds and the actions are like good seeds. Unless we think, we cannot plan, execute and achieve. So, you are wrong with your concept, I must say and you should agree.

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    I completely agree with the thought elaborated in this forum thread by the author, as there are many days which I spent just thinking about a lot of tasks and a to-do list I have to make for things to be done but end up doing none of them or very few of them and there are days when I focus on a single task and after finishing that particular task I do a lot of other tasks as well. So It is a personal experience as well as observation.
    And I have observed that meditation helps a lot with this thing to focus thoughts and focusing them on a task which needs to be done.

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    Sun, I agree with you that thoughts are also necessary to be present in our mind because only after that people will think or will start for their actions. What I wanted to emphasize was that there are many people who have many thoughts in their minds and they are good thinkers but when it comes to action then they are due to whatever reasons like lack of initiative to do some work, or lethargy, they fail in that aspect. In such cases though thoughts are there but due to various reasons those could not be converted in tangible actions.
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    So, what I said is right. All thoughts can never be put into action to be successful. We can say that thoughts are also like dreams. God has given us the sixth sense to think and act. All human beings are not successful in their life. Only a very few achieve their ambition and goals.

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    The author is asking for a single action, but that can be possible only after emanating of different thoughts and one has to decide the best among the lot and then go for the action and that would be formidable and accepted. Though our thought process are continuous and going , but we have to draw the wisdom as to which thought is good at the present moment and that should be decided forthwith for taking instant action. And a sustained action can be possible of the thought if that has the good understanding level of the self, others and therefore one has to have the push to the thought. One thing is sure, as all thoughts cannot be put into actions because we enjoy the actions through process and not the reality. Even in a house of four members four different thoughts expressed on one matter and that proves we have to take the best.
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    This is a very well known fact. To get the results actions are required. Only thinking alone will never get you the results. The same has been discussed in many forums on this site. What is the use of having many thoughts in mind? We have to implement those thoughts and the ground and then only we can see how good are our thoughts. Otherwise, you will be always dreaming in your thoughts and finally, there will be no outcome.
    Generally, our mind will be thinking about the works we have to do and how we can do it? But there may be some thoughts regarding our financial status and other matters of life. When we think, we should start working on the thoughts, then only what we think will get materialised.
    Some people may be thinking about many issues. But all those may not be implemented. Then we should leave those thoughts and start thinking about useful issues which can be implemented.

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