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    Are we trying to avoid debates and arguments here?

    When I first joined ISC people used to have debates over the topics and have disagreements and conflicts regarding the topics. But now, what I am observing is that people just concur with the author's viewpoint, support and show agreement on the particular topic even if, at times, it sounds absurd.

    Are we trying to avoid debates and arguments? Isn't discussion supposed to have both positive and negative points, agreements, disagreements and arguments?

    Are we also trying to be like our government with one-sided power and no opposition left to argue?
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    You are absolutely right with your observation. Debates and arguments are missing in ISC forums except in Active GDs that helps to earn cash awards. The threads posted are not interesting where we cannot debate or argue. What is the use of raising a thread asking members whether there is rain in their area or how is weather in their city? Or what is the plot rate in their area? It is like question and answer forum. Every ISCian is becoming 'Yes Master'.

    Forum will be/should be more interesting if there are responses, counter responses and counter counter responses. It is seriously missing.

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    The author has raised a very interesting post. Actually while discussing an issue we must give valid points and reasoning behind our arguments. If we are just discussing for the sake of discussion and want to somehow make a statement opposite to what the the forum initiator had done then it will also be not in a good taste. Good responses based on rational and logical thinking and backed by knowledge base are always welcome in any discussion. At the same time we must also adhere to the basic principle of healthy discussion which says that in no case we should make personal allegations or personal comments on each other. That is a point where many of the people commit mistakes and just forget the main discussion topic and start commenting on each other that you follow him but I don't follow him and he is a bad guy and if you follow him so you are also a bad guy etc etc. So we must refrain from individual comments of personal nature and instead of that must focus on the main core subject which is being discussed and if we have any points against or for it that is to be presented in a proper way keeping the grace of the site (portal) also in our mind where we are being allowed to undertake these activities.
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    Generally, we used to see arguments and discussions on the threads related to politics. There were days where the discussions and arguments prolonged for days together. Finally, an Editor used to lock the thread putting a stop to the discussions. People were arguing left and right based on their affiliation to a political party. But these days such topics are not there and hence there are no such arguments.
    Some members express their views even though it is different and not in accordance with the view of the author. But somebody should again come out with some more inputs for or against the author's views. Then only arguments or discussions will happen. But if the authors are not reacting to the views expressed by others there is no chance for a long discussion or argument.

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    When a topic at hand is not having anything to discus, dispute or disprove, how can a meaningful discussion be made? Negation for the sake of negation or opposing for the sake of opposing is not necessary. Topics that can generate discussion are mostly related to party politics. There it will be based on one's party bias.

    Only very few people can really discuss a matter unbiased and get convinced if disproved or disagreed.

    We need to cultivate that habit from beginning. In fact true democracy can succeed only by that.

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    Even I do not know as to why ISC is shying away to discuss and debate important happenings around us. When we claim that forum is open for any discussion pertaining to India then why the following post of mine were deleted from the discussions. ISC has grown as the biggest debating educational site and we should open up and come with even controversial matters that are happening and the editors should not delete without the consent of the author. Now tell me what is the problem with following threads which was deleted by ISC?
    Why the registered marriages are allowed without the parents consent?
    Dejected sales persons difficult to cope up immediately
    Parents feel tuition enough and get rid of school to goof up high fees ?
    Lakhimpur deaths and the politics thereafter

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    Yes, it is really true. Even a a good debating issue comes up of political nature, those who have only one way of thinking of the issue never allow others view and are suppressing the discussion. Sometimes for the good, some elite editors intervening the discussion and trying the discussion to move in a proper way. This is giving some good result otherwise members of one thought dominating the forum. Thus the discussions at the forum at present are not that much encouraging like in the past.

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    Well, I am happy to know that others also think this way, and earlier there was a lot of discussion on a forum thread and I used to wait to respond but these days there is not much to discuss, I will try on my side to take more part in active discussions if it happens.
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    Actually, this matter is limited to a few authors, I mean to say that there are only a few authors who express their disagreement in different threads because most of the threads are on general discussions in which debates do not exist. In some cases, still, more discussions or debates are found, but only by certain authorities. Others may either just give a simple response to be a part of the forum or may not have any objections or disagreements. Another factor is also knowledge, on some subjects, the knowledge of certain authors is more than others and also experience, and on that basis, they keep their side.

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    I would like to draw your attention to this thread which primarily raised the question as to why members hesitate to post a second response to a thread. The point raised by the author in this thread is connected to the other thread but is more specifically asking whether members are no longer interested in debating or discussing topics and are satisfied by simply posting a response which more or less conforms to the idea put forth by an author. A reading of the thread by Vandana ma'am and the responses therein will throw some light on the topic under discussion and also the mind of some of us. The points I mentioned in my response therein will squarely be applicable in this case also.

    Instead of repeating the points, let me reiterate that the forum section, as a platform for discussion, can become vibrant only if we choose to be critical of an idea or thought that has been put forward and bring up diverse views and react to dissenting points by arguing our stand logically. I think we should avoid being diplomatic by praising threads that are not worthy so that the authors realize their mistakes and make an effort to improve themselves.

    I am not saying that all the threads raised here must initiate a discussion. Some of them may be just for sharing information or knowledge. But the threads that have some material to enable a discussion must be approached in that manner and the process can be initiated by any member who can put in some effort to read between the lines.

    Let me reiterate that responses are as important or maybe even more than a thread itself provided we are passionate about what we write. Let us make it a habit to revisit our threads as well as threads to which we have posted responses and add on where it is felt necessary.

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    I would like to repeat the question by the author. Are we trying to 'avoid' debates and arguments?
    'Mastering others is strength. Mastering yourself is true power'. -Lao Tzu

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