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    How do the organisations tackle with disgruntled employees

    In every organisation there will be a few or say very few employees who will not be happy with the management. There could be various reasons for having that but these people are there and many times are a big problem for the management. Some of these people go to extreme extent and even create harm to their own organisation. Due to various reasons like union of employees and things like that organisations also do not take serious or severe action against these employees but they remain a regular headache for the management.
    How should the organisations tackle these disgruntled employees? What are your thoughts in this regard?
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    In an organization there are three types of people working for them. One the the front line employees who are pillars of the organization and they are tried and tested in every good and bad time. The second set of employees are those who are sincere enough up to their working hours and do not want to work extra for what so ever reason. The last set of employees are those who are not satisfied at all and yet want to stay to drive the other employees out. And for the management also these are known by their character and yet want to keep them so that one day or the other they would mend the ways. That is the reason being so there should open day in a year through which the organization can have free and frank debate and discussions with al employees and arrive at whom to be given promotion, whom can be considered average and whom a mere waste.
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    There will be some people who may not be happy with the decisions taken by the management. But they should not comment on that because the management will have more responsibility than these employees and they will be knowing the facts more than these employees. The management is more interested in the company than the employees. if the employees think in the above way, there will not be any employee who talks negatively about the management. But it is not never so. There will be somebody who talks negatively.
    There are many ways to tackle such people. The cadre of the employee who talks negatively is to be taken into consideration before proceeding with any action. The person is a senior employee. the management should talk to such a person and get the reasons for his talking. He should be made to know the implications if he talks further like that, Still, if he is not coming to terms showing him the door is the final alternative. If the employee is a lower cadre person, the management should inform the union about the wrongdoings of the employee and tell the union that they are not going to spare him if he continues doing that. For small matters union will not go easily against the management. Some managements will never care for such talks that are happening at a lower cadre as they are not going to do any damage to the organisation.

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    In every management, there are certain sections of people, who are known for their indisciplined and these irresponsible employees even instigate others to follow the same trend followed by them. The management does not like to take stern steps against them all of sudden but would like to know why they are behaving in such an irresponsible ways. Management would negotiate with such employees to mend their ways so that these employees become the part of responsible workers contributing in a more meaningful way.
    If the errant employees become arrogant, the management is free to discuss their behaviour before the union leaders and it would be made clear that the management would not be held responsible for any stern action in case it is taken for their irresponsible behaviour. Finally the management might take disciplinary steps against such employees depending upon their severity of charges.

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    The attrition or grudge in employees are mainly because of the wrong assessment by the management about the employees. There are employees with less or no satisfaction or with more expectations by comparing other organizations. When I was in a small fabrication industry with 20 employees , everything went on well but once they sat unrest by induction of other company people. We, the management took a comparative statement with a big fabrication company with which our payment was at par. Most of our employees got satisfied but two of them continued to stir. Later all other convinced employees themselves talked to them and made to resign their jobs.

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