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    Students plan long tour and the colleges wont involve

    Arranging college excursions or long tour is happening in every big college and that helps the students to get the very break they deserve from the hectic studies. Since the tour is of entire class and sections , that would be not less than 100 students. When they represent college as tour, then why the teacher or any faculty not involving with the excursion and thereby parents are not agreeing to such tours for obvious reasons. Being in excitements the students can go for any kind of enjoyment to which colleges are not taking any responsibility. Should we allow such tours ?
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    In my opinion tours and excursions should be there in all educational institutions. Then only students will become matured and start working on their own and in that process, their thinking ways will improve.
    When these students go for tours with their families. parents will be with them and they will attend to all problems and kids will just accompany them. But when they go in a group of students of his school or college, they have to manage their activities on their own. So they will become more responsible.
    But schools should not send only students. But enough teachers should accompany the students. That will make the students behave in a disciplined way. Generally. teachers will not say no to such tours if the management accepts the tour and ask the teachers to accompany the touring students. During my students days, I attended many scout camps and excursions to nearby good places.

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