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    Why people go towards sensational things more than the real issues?

    People these days have so little attention span that social media comes up with new methods to grab people's attention and for this activity that is sensational. Even if there is a simple thing it is presented in such eye-catching phrases and pictures that people go for it rather than actual issues.
    What do you think about it?
    Are you also a victim of the sensationalisation of news? and go back to these news channels or social media platform which presents sensational news?
    Or you try to avoid such news and prefer newspaper or conventional form of news.
    With this sensationalism another related aspect that comes at the forefront is fake news, I have seen many elderly people and my relatives who have started using WhatsApp just a few years ago and often believe such fake news and sensational news.
    How do you see this aspect?
    Focusing on the more sensational aspect of news has left news channels more like an entertainment channel than the news channel, which people view to gain entertainment rather than awareness.
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    I am the last person to watch news channels. I never see news on social media I rely completely on DD or standard newspapers. These are the days of competition and there are many news channels that go on airing 24 X 7 news only. They go for sensational news and useless discussions to attract viewers and to improve their TRP ratings.
    Coming to social media, one should never take any information from these sites. People will write whatever they feel. It is we to believe it or not.
    These days sensational news go well with the people. They will never check the authenticity of the news. They simply see the postings and forward that. That is how it will become viral and when we go into the details we will understand that the issue is a fake issue. So it is wise, I feel, not to rely on these to get the latest news. These will ignore important news and go on making fake news viral.

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    There are some channels which are thriving on the sensational news only. It is their bread and butter. At the same time, it is a general human tendency and nature to get attracted to something strange and unusual even though it is fake or untrue in its nature. These channels take advantage of these things as they know how to increase their viewership. I know some channels which give very authentic and true news and analysis but unfortunately are not able to pull the crowd to them. The common people in the society have nothing to do with logical and rational things and they always flow in the rivers of fake and unauthenticated materials. That is the only pass time for them amusing them and making their life apparently happy.
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    What I feel that people gone bored or no more interested on routine news and thus needs some sort of sensational feeds to get a break from the other padding news. Yesterday I happen to see a news video that some one in Andhra Pradesh owning a curry point has purchased potato for preparing curry and when they are diced, he could find the impression of Shivalinga inside. At least two or three potatoes had that sample and thus he shared the same on social media and that got viral immediately and people started thronging the place and offering prayers. Some time back there was bogey that Lord Ganesha was drinking milk if offered through spoon feed and that has proved wrong because the mud idol bound do take anything that is offered and the people then realized the mistake. So we should not give credence to sensational issues nor the fake news.
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    Our mind has immense power to dissect and sift all news cocktails offered on social media. Personally, I don't rely on mainstream media too because even their news is blended with spices and twisted rather crookedly just for the sake of TRP which results in them more business in form of advertisement.
    Social media is replete with false and true stuff and certainty, easily, can't be detailed whereof. However, a few platforms are there that can be tenable. I see many people are tied up with shackles of ignorance. They are sequacious of WhatsApp University and every information which comes out is taken as a sacred chapter by them. I think everybody needs to expand his source of information.

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    Another interesting point in this connection is that when we ask people to volunteer for some work which will make our surroundings clean and help society to progress then very few of them will come ahead and cooperate in such group Ventures. There is a natural resistance in people for good deeds and progressive things. At the same time if we give a call to our friends and people living in our area for something sensational in nature and which can create a lot of amusement, fun, and frolic then there will be a beeline for it and people will come and crowd the place for making those events very successful. This is the psychology of general people including myself in this country or rather say in this world then we should not be surprised if we find people making a beeline for anything which is sensational in nature.
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    #744589 I completely agree with what you have said there is a word in Hindi called "ninda ras" that how people enjoying criticising others than anything else. And often go for such things rather than creative constructive works.
    "It is hardest thing in the world to be good thinker without being a good self examiner"

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