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    Pandemic - has it in any way changed your thought process?

    During pandemics when we are somehow imprisoned within our houses with our family members, which initially felt like a holiday or vacation but as days passed people started to get annoyed by each other. And slowly although people are joining their normal work and everything is coming back to track but there are adolescent learners and people who just started college in the other cites but had to come back and have to start their studies at home through online mode. They got impacted in a very bad manner. They passed two classes grew two years without much learning, and annoyed their family members and got annoyed by family members. There are many cousins of mine whose thinking process has completely changed during this pandemic it seems like they learned so many things in 2 years which they might have learned in 5 years. These kids grew up into adults during a pandemic and their perspective towards life is shaped by many things that happened within the households,

    How was your experience of life lessons during the pandemic or is it still going on?
    How do you see or relate to the experiences of the kids, adolescents, teenagers and adults who have just started their college life? Do share your views?
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    For that matter pandemic has changed the way of life for many. For the first time the ego of certain people who were telling others that they would purchase huge assets as if they want to live here for many years have learned the big lesson that all wealth and money earned has been gone to the doctors and yet the life could not be saved. That the relations and friends are farce and one has to mend the own ways without anybodies help and even while death some bodies left as orphaned. The old saying that when we brought nothing to the world, we leave empty and that has happened to many and this is the biggest lesson for those wealthy who boasted of their bank balance and assets are now gone packing and sulking. And for me the austerity was a good happening as we stopped eating outside eateries and that is keeping good health.
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    Pandemics are very rare events. These are situations which create big disturbance and turmoil in the lives of so many people and then naturally there are many lessons to learn while passing through such a disaster.
    Children as well as adults all are affected by this situation much and in the initial phase the fear of succumbing to the pandemic was so great that many people went into a stage of depression.
    This has given many lessons but the first and foremost is that though science and technology has advanced considerably but still we are in the learning path and the existence of humans is nothing in front of the the power of nature. A severe pandemic can wipe out the human race on earth, it is capable to do so very easily.
    Another important take away from this pandemic is that it has taught us the value of discipline, patience, and adhering to calmness in our lives.
    We were confined to our houses for so long and still in some areas people are not allowed to go out unnecessarily. This is a horrible situation if we compare it to the earlier one where we were daily going out for some fun, frolic, and amusement.

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    We have felt many transformation within the people. Prior to this phase, people were rather egoistic and valued money at every stage. They were so much fascinated with the money that all other desirable qualities such as kindness, offering gifts, looking after kids took the backseats. During this pandemic phase, the gainers were hospital administration charging huge amounts by way of treatment for the corona patients. Despite this, the people could not be saved from this dreaded disease. It has offered a good lesson to many of us that money alone cannot buy many things though we attach so much importance to money.

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    Pandemic has taught us many lessons. Not only the young generation but also elderly persons also learned many lessons. My granddaughter, who is 3 years of age, will come inside the house only after washing her foot near the tap provided at the entrance of the house. Earlier all my family members except me and my wife used to go straight into the house and then wash their feet in the bathroom. But pandemic has taught them the necessity of entering the house only after washing their feet. My granddaughter will not allow anybody inside unless otherwise, they wash their feet. The importance of cleanliness and hygiene has been understood by all.
    We see a lot of change in the thinking way of the people. People started caring for their friends and relatives. I have seen many people contacting their friends and relatives regularly and enquiring about their well being. Previously people used to say that they are busy and never used to contact relatives and friends so regularly. I have seen many young people behaving very maturely with the other members of the family. Many people understood the importance of helping others when there is a need.

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