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    While shopping do you also have a look at unknown brands?

    When we shop at big supermarkets every item is arranged in the rack and we come across many branded items occupying the prime positions and there are other unknown brands that are stacked behind. Before purchasing anything have a look at those brands which are not tried in the past. We do give credence to brands in the guise of standards and quality but the pricing is high. Same kind of quality is also available in unknown brands. Making a try of new brands should also be our buying tactic and we can always reject when felt not good.
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    This is a very interesting post and evokes a lot of points in our minds. Many companies are trying to introduce their products in the market and the product is of good quality at a reasonable cost, still they are not being successful in marketing it and getting the increased sale because of the only reason that the market is already flooded with the branded items which have long established their presence in the market. This is now a tricky situation for the new companies and new products.
    On the other hand the people who are rich and can afford high quality high price items go to the shops or order the commodities blindly just based on their brand value. It is only some of the intelligent middle class customers who are experimenting with new products and if its quality is found similar to the branded one but price is less then only they are going to buy those items repeatedly.
    So middle class customers are the main target by the new companies floating their new products which are claimed to be equivalent to the branded ones existing in the market.

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    That is correct. When we go to a supermarket, we see different brands of the items we want to purchase. Many of the brands may be known to us and some maybe not are known to us. My habit is to go for the brands which are well known and already used by me earlier. This is more so in the case of food items. For other products sometimes I may tend to use new brands and compare them with already used brands.
    My wife will be telling me the best brands of various items that are needed for the kitchen. I will go for them only. I visit 2 or 3 shops also if necessary but get that brand asked by my wife only. I will not bring any other brand as she will never like changing the brand.
    But clothes and other products will be tried from different brands and we will try to assess the best one so that we can use those brands also regularly.

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    We always think of buying branded items. Therefore, the branded items are in demand and their cost is high. We should try and use other new brand items and know the quality of the item. Let us give an opportunity to all who take pain to introduce their items in the market. The public should help and encourage the manufacturers by going for their items. When I see a new brand of item, I go for it. Many a times, I found them better than the old branded items.
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    For example we used to buy branded tea hugely advertised on tv but found a local brand much cheaper and most tastier than the brand.
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    It is a nice and wise point. We should care the other brand products also as they may be new comers into the market, sometimes, such products left from our sight earlier etc. We used to have a similar toothpaste for our house. In a remote area of our city, I happened to see a tooth paste of the same brand with some lesser cost but for same weight. I asked the vendor why it is not available in our area, he simply told these are according to the shop owners. Since then, I bough the same by asking my super market person to have in his shop.

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    I must say that the author is absolutely right we should do this often and I know many people are already used to it. In some special cases, we would prefer to give priority to the already used brands because in those cases we do not want to take any risk but same when we go to the shop or mall with normal shopping plan, we are going to try new brands. Must see and buy. It is not necessary that every time new brands prove to be of good quality, but at the same time some brands give good quality in a certain budget and we are also attracted towards them.

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