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    Would you prefer a robot to work for you or hire a physical servant?

    Technological advancements and progress in artificial intelligence and computerization areas are taking place at a very fast speed and the time is not far when we will have all sort of robots at cheaper rates for doing our work or jobs in house or in office. If such a thing happens in future then some people may like to have robots for working under them in their houses rather than go for maidservants or other servants which today people have got for that purpose in their houses.

    What is your view regarding this? Would you prefer a robot to work for you or hire a physical servant?
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    I would prefer robots over human servents. There are numerous times when things are simple but because of human feelings and emotions involved in it, they are misinterpreted ending up hurting someone ego and feelings. But in the case of robots, it is as simple as giving commands and executing them so If given choice I will prefer robots and then them making them work in accordance with my will so that there is no problem further.
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    In many houses, people may like to go for Robots over maidservants. There will not be any leaves, weekly offs to these robots. Whenever we want them to work, they will work provided there are no power failures. Ladies can rely more on these robots for assisting them than maidservants. But the cost factor comes into consideration. The initial investment will be high for these robots to procure. Many middle-class families may not be able to purchase them. Over a period of time, these costs may come down and many people may be able to go for these robots. But as of now, it is very costly. We have purchased a robotic mob. That costed us about RS.75000/- If we fix the time and the area, this will daily sweep the floor and wetting the floor. But the problem is the efficiency is not up to the expectations of my wife.
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    By the way what I know from the various videos and news heard, the robot can work according to the program and cannot do anything that is demanded and commanded. And coming to the point of a robot replacing the physical maid service is not possible in many ways. Though fuming sometimes, we are at liberty to take extra work and complete work with clean and neatness from the maid, and being known our house very well, she would clean the nook and corner with ease. And above all, she would carry the residue of food whatever is leftover and I am sure, the robot cannot do that. And sometimes the household shares the problems with the maid and tries to lessen their burden but that is not possible with the robot. As far as possible, working oneself is best and not to take any help as a maid and that would be the best way to keep busy and good.
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    If the prices of the robots go down due to mass production it makes sense to go for them as they can be remotely controlled and are available on 24/7 basis.
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    Time alone will how far the robots will be successful in carrying out the domestic jobs. The jobs have to be defined and the ways how the same can be taken up would be the prime objective of the programmer. At this stage, I think they would be fit for the floor cleaning and including the wet cleaning. Let us hope that there will the advanced versions of robots in the upcoming time carrying all sorts of domestic jobs within the faster period and would be available to us at some reasonable cost. This will take some time by the programmers but not difficult to produce such robots.

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    Theoretically it is good to have robot in the place of physical servant but practically it is not possible to have so. Of course, the gossip, leave, sudden leave, advance, all such problems could overcome in case of a robot.
    I read a joke:
    A man who went to departmental store found a dog holding a basket in its mouth and standing with him. The shop person saw the basket and put the articles mentioned in a list found in the basket. He took the money from the basket, as already kept in the basket and put the balance cash. The dog start to move out. This person with astonishment, followed the dog, it reached a house in the next street. Surprisingly this person followed and find that the dog put its leg on the calling bell and a man from the house came out by opening the door and by taking the basket he slashed the dog with a stick. The dog silently went to a corner and sat silently. The person following the dog approached the person of the house and asked why he beat the dog as it did smart work. The house person, replied,'Many times I told this dog to take keys of the house but it disturbed me through calling bell"
    Similar to this there is no limit for our expectations if we have robot to work.

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    I'll have a customized robot butler service especially tailored to my living experiences, if it comes to that. But we're a wee bit far away from that lofty vision. We'll achieve it some way or other. Till then human butlers will be in business.

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    It all depends on the task. While robots cannot replace humans in many fields, we can go for robots for routine tasks. I am sure the days are not too far when we will be able to control every move of the robots with our smart mobile gadgets and in that case, many will go for robots for their simplicity and efficiency. But remaining too much dependant on machines can make us behave in a mechanical way which we should try to avoid. Imagine a robot feeding a human where the human is busy doing another task. I think this is going to make us unhealthy. In many tasks some human interaction is required but can we start interacting with a machine? I doubt!

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