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    Why do we cry that our cost of living has increased manyfolds?

    We often compare the olden days and say that the cost of living has increased. Just look at the below conversation and comments your views on cost of living.

    When I was a 10 year old boy.
    SuN: Dad, I want 10 paise to have a cup of tea from hotel. What is your salary?
    Dad: Dear Son, Rs. 100/- per month

    When I am a 60 year old man.
    My Son: Dear dad, Kindly give me Rs.10/- to have a cup of tea from hotel. What is your salary?
    SuN: Rs. 10000/- per month, dear son.
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    Humans are simple and like to live in nostalgia and thinking that the past was good when in actuality it is just our memories that play the game of good and bad. Even the past was difficult and things were often expensive but from the present perspective, it looks simple and things also look less costly but in actuality with reference to that time they were of the same cost as of today.
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    The salaries also increased in proportion to the increase in the rates or even more also. There is no doubt about the same. But some people work in small jobs and people without jobs are facing the problem I think. One thing is sure, people are having money and people are spending freely. All will say costs are increasing but nobody stops using. Not only essential items but also other items are also being purchased by people without thinking about the cost of the item.
    When I was in my graduation in the year 1975, the cost of rice was Rs.1/- per Kg. My grandfather was a teacher. His salary was about Rs.300/- per month. Now the cost of rice is about Rs.60/-. The rate has gone up by 60 times. The salary of a teacher these days in a government school is a minimum of Rs.30000/- The salary increased by 100 times. But these days the living styles are changed and many luxuries those days have become essentials these days. Those days how many teachers are having motorcycles. But these days every teacher is having a motorbike and some of them are having four-wheelers also.

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    Cost of living has been truly increased and there is definitely a hype in every cost of products and services but the salaries not increased as per the same. For example the government employees are getting their dearness allowance to get rid of increasing costs, whereas there is no such largess to the private earners. And in some cases though the salaries are also more, but the expenses are also too high. For example the soft ware company employees need to hire the taxi for their to and fro destination and that is whooping. And in those days the salary was less and the people are more in each family and one single person earning was enough to feed the all and they used to save for future also. How that was possible is really baffling to me even today and that is the reason being so we cry at the cost of living increased manifolds.
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    This is a very interesting post submitted by the author. It is true that the cost of items is increased but at the same time, the earnings of people are also now much more than what it used to be in old times. There are many examples by which we can find that the cost of items is now increased but the earnings have increased much much more.
    Due to inflationary trends the salaries and allowances of the employees are increased by the organisatons or companies but there is no exact method to compute these increments and what happens that the employee unions which are strong in raising their demands generally are benefited more.
    Except for defence services now there is no Govt pension because Govt found that the pension outgo was very high and it was not possible to continue that and the result was that today the employees have to contribute for their own pension through NPS.
    One thing that happens in an inflationary regime is that the capital money in hands of a person starts shrinking as the bank interest is not able to compensate it against the inflation. That is a loss that many of us suffer though our salaries rise in a better ratios.

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    The author is very correct. We all just crying on the increase of cost of living without understanding that the cost of living is some what artificially made. Price hike in some items may be genuine but many other items they are selling at their own interest. If the price is described differently person to person, it is okey but the price levy is common to all good earning person as well poor person. I read one joke. One EB manager came out of his office and saw a cart wallah selling oranges for Rs.100 per kilo. He found the fruits are good and so he approached the cart wallah and asked two kilos of fruits. The vendor asked him to pay 250 rupees for two kilos. Astonished Manager asked why the price parity. Vendor told, 'sir, you are levying EB charges according to person, similarly I am asking from you!'
    Many youngsters of present days do not understand the value of money. I happened to hear in an electric train two working girls talking themselves and calling another over phone,'Kamla, I and Vinitha going to beach tomorrow, please join with us and bring 5000 rupees for expenses as we have for us.' By seeing this lavishness, vendors thinking everybody other than themselves, are good earners and charging more for their product.
    In some cases, we ourselves ratifying the overcharging persons in the terms of 'quality' and thereby encouraging them to charge a higher rate for a product which is available at normal cost in the next shops.

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