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    If you are in earning spree then you have to forgo enjoyment and sleep

    There are three types of people whose earnings can be defined. The first set of those who are happy with what they get salary and try to adjust their monthly budget within the range. The second set of people are those who wants little comforts and enjoyment in life and thus work some over time at the office and earn extra income. The third set of people are those who work real job and also part time work on rest days and holidays and these are people really interested in earning spree forgoing important happenings in life and also the necessary sleep.
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    Why should we forgo our sleep for earning? If there is not proper rest and sleep, the health of the individual will get spoiled and get back normal health he has to spend a lot of money and time. Insurance companies may for the treatment. But for the sufferings one had and the loss of earnings during the sick period will not be compensated by insurance companies. So it is not wise to sacrifice your sleep for getting some additional cash. Money is important. No doubt. But money is not the only issue in our lives. We have to give importance to other aspects like family. health and happiness.
    As far as I am concerned, I am happy with whatever I have and that is sufficient for me to run my activities. So I don't want to run after money. I struggled a lot for money in the initial days of my career. Those days I used to work extra hours so that there will not be financial problems in the house. But once I am comfortable. I stopped working extra hours and started managing the family with my salary.

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    Sleep is very important in any situation, the night of healthy sleep and a healthy diet both are the most important factors for human beings or even every creature for living a good life. Our body required both of them and it also realizes us the same thing that now it needs asleep or feels hungry. That is why it is suggested by the experts that we should not over control them. When we are doing our work we should be more energies to finish work and to earn money. Some people connect sleepiness and laziness but it is not like that. Being lazy means you are not performing any work aur routine as it should be. whatever work you do or whatever you earn it mostly depends on your way of working not by compromising sleep.

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    Why is it so? If one has to forego enjoyment or sleep to earn a lot of money then what is the use of earning that much? I don't think the money earned will serve the purpose in that case. People earn money to lead a good life. More they earn they can invest more in making life comfortable. If you are comfortable then you will be able to enjoy, if you are not comfortable you won't be able to enjoy. I fail to understand why some people will choose a life that has no comfort or enjoyment unless they are forced to do so.

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    Money is an important thing in our lives and to earn that some people do more efforts in comparison to the other persons but this will snatch from them the time and hours for relaxing and enjoying the life. So it is one's personal choice to sacrifice the personal leisure time and enjoyment for money if one is going for such a money earning spree. In my opinion it is better to have a balance in our lives and one must understand that money is not the only thing in this world. Sacrificing one's health and personal life for money does not make sense as it would only be useful for providing some more physical facilities in life.
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    There exist 4th type of creature also who can do anything to earn money, even they can sell human organs or kill someone or can deceive any closed ones for money as their mind is filled with unlimited greed of money or they believe in ostentatious lifestyle and looking for having better social status than his neighbour or relative or friend, for which they can try everything.

    As being normal people how we should keep a balance between enjoying our life while working for making this life enjoyable it all depends on the mindset of each of us. I don't like to run after excessive money which snatches away zest of life. I am happy with what I have.

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