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    He should be a role model to all the present day students.

    No one in India doesn't know about this great man, I think. A man with multi-talents and skills. He loved to be a teacher. He served the country as a Scientist and later as the President of India. He is none other than Dr APJ Abdul Kalam. He served the country as a scientist in two prestigious Organisations of India namely the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) and Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO). He played an important role in developing missile technology in India. Then he became the President of India.

    Irrespective of his position, he lived a very simple life. He breathed his last breath while delivering a lecture to the students of IIM Shilong. This shows the liking he had for teaching. He generated a positive impact in the minds of the students with his way of living and the values he maintained.
    Today is his 90th birthday. His birthday is being celebrated as World Student's day and declared by the UN.

    We all know that today's students are tomorrow's citizens of the nation. All students should take him as their role model so that the nation will see a clean and no corruption society tomorrow.
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    On the occasion of 90th birthday of the great soul Dr Abdul Kalam we are all greatly indebted to have such a qualified President who was so simple and yet gave enough energy talk to the students and that made them different to think from others and started being a performer. When he visited Naryanamma College to give a lecture, I was there to listen as the media invitee and the way he mingled with the students and asked for clarifications of doubts that kind of behavior we can only expect as the fatherly figure who is more concerned about the students and their future. Time and again he was insisting to dream big and that had made the great impact on many students who have taken that has the challenge and prospered well. We at Hyderabad always feel dear to the late President because he was the missile man and made India very strong.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam is a great personality who will be remembered as long as the earth rotates. A simple man who aspired to be a teacher forever despite his activities as a scientist and President of India. Even after his president's term, he kept visiting the educational institutions to take classes for the students. He was so fortunate that he embraced death as while delivering his lecture. A self made individual who cannot be compared with anyone in the world. I have no words to talk about this great man.
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    I heard Dr.Abdul kalam is a role model not only to a student but to every one for spending life simply and with generous. Once I went to New Delhi with my wife and other relatives on the way to Beas. Since we find time for next train, we went some notorious places in New Delhi. We casually reached the President's Bhavan, I just thought of Dr.Abdul Kalam Ji that he normally see the visitors especially from Tamilnadu. I immediately went to the Security officer for permission to meet Dr. Abdul Kalam Ji. Security officer after hearing that we are coming from outside Delhi, politely told that President Ji was on tour to some other states. We missed a chance that time. Similar to K.Kamaraj, former Chief Minister of Tamilnadu, Dr. Abdul Kalam lead a simple life though holding a very high position. In one Tamil film of MG Ramachandran (MGR), there was a song, 'pathavi varumbothu panivu varavendum thozha' which means one should polite in his nature when he hold a good position. MGR, K,Kamaraj and Dr. Abdul kalam Ji lead such a life and showed us to live like them.

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