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    If winning and losing is part of life then have balanced approach

    It is the fact that we go for great preparations to win anything that comes across our life and we rather take it very serious to see that we will win at any cost even undermining others chance to overtake our position. But when we face the loss or not winning the situation we try to reconcile that winning is losing is part of life. Then why we are lagging behind to accept the fact that we should have the balanced approach and be ready to face any out of win or loss. Getting that type of wisdom is very rare and few. Next time think that you win and accept the loss with smile.
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    I have seen in one Tamil film a scene. One person was worrying much on his son who was in death bed, hearing this a friend of him consoling him in many ways. Both of them were sitting in a park floor. There an old man was sitting in a bench and child came there for sitting. As there is no space for sitting the old man raised from the bench and gave seat to the child. By showing this the friend to the worrying one and told, 'See, similar to this the life and death, believe your son is giving way to another'.
    Similar to this winning is a loss to another and person who lost is giving way to another to win. So, one should make up his or her mind when facing lost,
    When there are five persons to an interview for a single post the persons other than selected are not unfit but giving way to the selected one.
    Though it is easy to tell but difficult to face, human mind will shrink for a while when facing loss but if we control our mind in all times, the duration of shrinkage will be less.

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    Perform your action sincerely and mindfully. The result will follow. Don't do anything expecting something. Do your duty and leave the result to God. This is what we hear from many of our elders and people of wisdom. When we have no expectations whatever comes will make us happy. So having expectations only will make to lose or win. Once you can come out of such a thinking process you will be always happy.
    Winning and losing are the two sides of the coin. With a win, the value of the coin will not increase or with a loss, the value of the coin will not come down. Sometimes we may win and sometimes we may lose. A person who can learn from his wins, as well as his losses, will be always happy in his life. Intelligent people will know how to convert their losses into wins.
    So we should learn to accept all the end results equally snd should not get emotional.

    always confident

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    This is right that we should make a balance in our life, and this balance will surely play an important factor, especially in a difficult situation. Some people are more emotional and they become happier in any small good or happy moment at the same time they feel extremely sorrow in a bad incidence of failure. So what we should do is to make a balance in our thoughts and acts so that we can handle the situation in an easy way. Our success or failure both depends on our hard work and dedication but some role of faith is also work in this so we should do our level best and then wait for the result.

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