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    Main causes of accidents are due to hurry and haste in our minds

    Accidents can happen any time with anyone and there are many factors which are responsible for it. It is also true that one of the most common and likely causes of accidents is our impatience and hurry. It is observed that whenever we are in a hurry or our mind is full of haste for doing something then our movements are affected and our concentration anf focus is disturbed and then we commit some error or misake and in no time there is some incident or accident for which there is no undo button with us. Keeping oneself calm and quiet and also keeping one's faculties under control is a very big quality and those who possess it often escape the clutches of accidents. Of course, sometimes these things can also happen entirely by the mistakes of other persons and may affect us if unfortunately, we are passing through it or caught in its range.
    Do you think that the number of accidents can be minimised if people keep control of their temperament and reduce their phases of hurriedness?
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    Exactly. We many of us very calculative in going to a place. As if we never waste a minute we calculate the travelling hour and staying hour in a place. Many people going to Bus Stand or Railway Station by calculating very exactly the travelling hour to station from house and time between the reaching and train departure. Some of us do not like to sit in the railway station before hours, so they start very accurately. By starting very accurately we rush ourselves and driving our driving person or driver to drive fast. In Chennai the city buses are normally went inside the Central Railway station (one of the major connecting Railway Station). I am seeing many persons, including local residents, alighting from the city bus before entering into the parking space of Central Railway Station very urgently and got injured by slipping down. They do not give time to traffic etc., when undergoing such travel.
    Not only travelling but going any where we should give some margin time for anything.

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    Many accidents on roads are happening may be due to hurry and haste in our minds. But the root cause is carelessness. They always think that nothing will happen and we can manage. When we see an accident we think and talk about the mistake committed by the driver and we will also say he might have done like this or that. But when the situation comes we may also do the same mistake and we think that we can manage. This carelessness and overconfidence is only making the individuals hasty and hurried.
    We always say we should be positive. But when we drive fast, we should think negative effects only. That will make us slow down and we will not go fast. Another thing is that one should never think that nothing happens, they should think what if happens? Then automatically the accidents may come down.

    always confident

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    The negligence of any person is definitely found in the accident. Whenever a person does any work or steps in a hurry, he often does his own harm and in some situations, he harms others along with himself. A situation is when a person makes an accident in a hurry because his attention was not on his car but on some other side. But there would also be a situation when a person does not control his intelligence even in his normal tasks and wants to complete the work in a hurry and creates problems for himself. We should be more focused on every step.

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    Yes, a lot of chaos and chaotic situation can be avoided if people try to control their temperament remain calm be it personal life, professional life or road accidents. Most cases of road crashes happen because the driver was not in self-control or lost control because of some issues be it alcohol consumption or some mental issue going on in his mind and the cost has to be beared by both the driver or rider and the person who gets injured.
    "It is hardest thing in the world to be good thinker without being a good self examiner"

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