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    If son is bad, should his dad also be bad?

    I am talking about the recent incident in UP where a son of a person killed 4 persons by his car. The guy has been arrested and booked. He is under the police/judicial custody now. Law will take its own course. But a few people who are against the ruling government want some punishment to be awarded to his dad. They want him to be removed from his present appointment.

    Is it a right or justified demand? Should a dad also be bad if his son is bad? Should he be punished for his son's act? Is he responsible for the crime committed by his son?
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    There is no rule that a father should be bad if the son is bad and vice versa also. There are many cases in my knowledge where the father was a very good person but the son is just opposite to him. Similarly, the father was very bad but his sons are very good. But in our Indian politics we feel that if the father is PM, his daughter or son should be the PM after him. We saw many such things earlier and we are also seeing now. That is why people will say that the father should take responsibility for the misdeeds done by his son.
    In the UP incident, some are demanding action on the state government also. That is purely due to the hatred they for towards the ruling party. The culprit should be punished for his misdeeds. But his father is no way connected and how can we demand for an action on his father or mother>

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    It is only the anger of some people that are coming out in this form because the incident was very sad, so people get an opportunity to include the criminal as well as other people in it. But there is no such rule of law and judicial law, only the offender should be punished if the crime is proved. But if in any way, the same person has played any role in the crime, then action must be taken against him, but in this case, there is a provision of punishment only after the crime is proved. But in this related case it is wrong to remove the father from his post due to the fault of the son.

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    It is true that fathers should not be punished for the mistakes committed by their sons. But in some specific cases if it is proved that father and son were hand in gloves in a particular incident and were in collusion then it becomes a matter of law and justice. So there is no set rule or fixed direction in this matter and it will vary case to case.
    In general, when father and son are working independently and taking up their responsibilities and jobs separately from each other then none of them should be made responsible for others actions, failures, offences, or mistakes.

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    I agree in the general case or normal day-to-day scenario a father shouldn't be punished for the bad behaviour of his son or be judged for his upbringing. But in the case of a political person or high profile and a position that affects people, it is his moral obligation to resign or to ask for forgiveness. You might have heard the case of Lal Bahadur Sashtri who resigned from the position of railway minister as a moral obligation.

    And such a resignation becomes more pertinent in the case of politicians because their children often misuse the power given by the public to their parents not them, they have no right to use such privileges but they still use it.

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    When it comes to power and the position there is always accountability aspect and here in this case though the Father who happens to be Union Minister is clean, his son seems to be dirty and committed a crime to which the law is taking serious actions. Now coming to the point of asking resignation, it the Minister feels through his consciousness that innocent lives were lost because of his son's overtures, he must have resigned immediately. But when the party itself feels that why the father need be punished for the acts of bad behavior of son, the law seems to be slow. Nevertheless this accident has become the benchmark for the Congress to use it as the election tool for the UP which is going to polls shortly and the opposition parties feel that Yogi govt can be packed and sent out. But the voters are keeping their options open.
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    A public leader or a person in authority has some moral responsibility and it is on that basis that the opposition is demanding his resignation. If it was the case of punishing a father for a wrong done by his son, why no one is demanding the arrest of Shahrukh Khan for the mistake by his son? The example of Lal Bahadur Shastri, who resigned as the Railway minister owning moral responsibility, mentioned by Neelam is very apt in this context. In addition to the moral responsibility and the point of ethics, the possible influence of a person holding such an office also needs to be considered.
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    The father in question gave some statements which proved to be wrong. Father being in a position to influence the investigation, should have been sacked for supporting his son who was presumably involved in a gruesome crime of murdering people by running the vehicle over the victims.
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    There is a proverb in Malayalam" Ksheeramullorakitin chuvattilum chora thanne kothukinnu kauthukam"- which means that for a mosquito even when there is milk in the udder of a cow(or other animal) its interest is in the blood there.
    Another saying in Malayalam goes" Pillaikku kondaal thallakku novum"- when the child gets hurt mother feels the pain.

    So it is the father who is the real target and the son is a means to get at the target. It is called 'smoking out' technique.
    In politics the means can be anything and aim is to achieve the goal by any means.
    So for us ordinary human beings many things happening around appears strange, illogical and unwelcome. But unfortunately in most cases w have to remain as helpless witnesses.
    We have to remember Mahatama Gandhi who said means are as important as ends and there should be purity in means and ends.

    ( My comment is on general terms and not on the particular incident. I feel the full facts of the particular incident ha not yet come)

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    We can take it is correct in one way. As the father is bad only he will admit the badness of his child. Father should have an eye on his children's activities whether good or bad and he should control his child if err on any time. If he do not pay his attention properly the son take it as his father admitted his badness.

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    Nobody will say that father should be punished for the criminal activities of his son but in this case, why his father is being targeted by opposition parties and they are asking for his resignation. It is claimed by opposition parties that his father himself is facing charges of some heinous crimes like murder and his case of murder is pending in High Court. Moreover, it is said he has threatened protesting- farmers to teach them a lesson and also being a home minister (state) may influence investigation too, so his resignation is being demanded by farmers as well as opposition political parties.
    Being criminal in politics is not new. Every political party has leaders who have criminal backgrounds.

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    Venkiteswaran sir, your response reminds me of the idiom 'turning a blind eye'. I don't think I need to explain more.
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    Yes, it is a justified demand as the father is the representative of the people. Representatives have more responsibilities than an individual and that's why it is expected that a people's representative should demit office if there are allegations against them or their family members. Nobody is talking about punishing the father for his son's crime and neither anyone is trying to prove that the father is bad. There is something known as morality and conscience and because of which there is still a social fabric. As a social being, you have some responsibility towards your fellow beings and it is expected that your behaviour should not create mistrust among the public. That's why others are demanding the resignation of the father. Unfortunately, nowadays politicians are so power-hungry they will not resign until they are forced to.

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    When a cow reported to King Manu that his son has killed its calf under the chariot wheel, King Manu took the same chariot and ran over his son and killed him. No one demanded the king to resign or to punish him. In this case, the Minister as a good father, should have directed the authorities to investigate and take action as per law .
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