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    Why the public is not showing their dissent even when the fuel prices are skyrocketing day by day?

    In the past, even when the price of petrol, diesel or LPG got increased by a few rupees or paise at one or the other time, the public used to start agitating against the same. Political parties used to carry out rallies and call for strikes and used to protest in the parliament too. With public protest, the governments used to reduce the prices to some extent to pacify the public.

    But at present, even when the prices are being increased on a day by day basis, there is no protest from the public or political parties. Is it because the public has become immune to such developments and is forced to adjust and cooperate with the government? Or is it that Mr Modi is able to educate/motivate the people to adjust to the needs of the country? Or have the political parties become so weak and are not able to bring the real issues to the forefront? According to you what must be the reason for this silence?

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    I feel people are more concerned about more earning than less spending. As an individual, I am ready to spend 20 paise if I am able to get some net income by spending that. There are many ways for people to earn these days I think. That is why they have no time to participate in agitations and lose their time. People may be thinking about using their time constructively. If they want, they can reduce their usage and use public transport. But nobody is doing that. There is more and more consumption of these fuels.
    We used to see people coming on cycle and sell fruits and vegetables on the roads. But we see these days only motorcycles but not cycles. If they are losing money how they can come on motorcycles and sell. This we are seeing even in villages. Anyhow. I think there is a need to reduce the prices of fuel. I heard that the central government is going to reduce some percentage of tax on these fuels.

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    Dr.Rao, People only have limited resource and chance to earn unlike a little number of people in the society. Don't think they are using bike or something because they are able to afford everything. For example in the past we used to go to far off distances in the society to convey some important message to our relatives or friends. But now anybody in the society whether living in a palace or hut is conveying through mobile. Now it became necessity. At present due to Covid pandemic higher percentage of people lost their jobs and there are no opportunities to lead their life. By seeing in the news papers, you feel turning a teacher or lecturer into a vegetable seller is a great opportunity. Do you think how pathetic the real situation of the person? Few days backI have seen in news paper, that 26 crores of Indian people due to pandemic and job loss have downgraded from their middle class position to far lesser grade.

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    I guess the biggest reason for people showing less concern is the distraction of the constant items of news that have no actual relevance but people just enjoy them instead of watching what should be seen and be concerned about. In the past time, people were less distracted about the issues of national security, about religion, regionalism, some star kid taking drugs or people reels and making tik tok videos, people at that time were concerned about the cost of living
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    Good question is raised by the author. Why public are not showing any dissent voice on the continued increase of fuel price because they know the reality behind this and also know that center is not responsible for price hike as each state has been pocketing more share of money through the increased fuel prices and that is reason being so even Congress party is not protesting. People have realized that fuel price increase is concerned with International market behavior to which India has no say and there started looking into alternate way of using vehicles with electric mode. Time and again it was mentioned in this forum that fuel prices are managed by the four oil companies and it was Congress which gave the deciding power of prices to them and that is why Congress cannot question the fuel price rising on daily basis.
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    The petrol rate is about Rs102/. Of this Rs 42/ goes to the oil companies, Rs 33/ goes to Union government, About Rs 24/ goes to State governments, and Rs 4/ goes to the petrol bunks. The Union government is collecting nearly one-third of the petrol rate as tax, The State governments are collecting nearly 25% as tax. This is against the public interest. The Union and State governments are not bothered about the public and collecting high rates of tax. The petroleum products should be under GST which is not done. Selectively petroleum products and liquor are kept away from GST. The public should agitate against the high rates of petroleum products. This government is putting the people in to a lot of trouble extorting high taxes and does not listen to their problems.
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    In many countries the fuel price is two to 3 times less than in our country. I think our country is able to run economy by collecting taxes on fuels and liquor. So our real development is bogus. If Congress did mischief, the BJP government can sert right things for the welfare of people. Throwing mud on other parties for their failure is the only escaping policy of BJP?

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    I have never seen the public agitating because of the rise in fuel prices but political parties used to protest and bring out rallies against the price hikes. The general public does not participate in rallies unless it is a gruesome incident or there are some burning issues in the locality because there is hardly any chance to roll back the prices once it is hiked. One or two rallies here and there will not change anything unless the protest is of large scale but to make any protest a big one, a large section of the people have to participate. People have realised that if they take out protest rallies some opposition parties may come and join in to spoil the intention of the people to make it look like a political protest. The political parties know that if the price of fuel has to be reduced then the taxes have to be reduced which many states won't be able to afford so they participate only in some token protests. Political parties are power-hungry and divide people because that is the only way to keep a section united to consolidate the vote banks. Somehow people are trying to find ways to manage things rather than taking part in protests that have some risks associated with them.

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    Protest from people on the price hike of petrol may be felt by them as waste but instead they are increasing in their usage of petrol. This makes the vendors to raise further and further. Plying vehicles on the road nowadays increasing day by day in spite of the petrol price hike. Registration for getting driving licence are more nowadays. On the other hand the allocation of two / four wheeler loan also increasing. people are not ready to share their vehicles if they are living in apartments and going on the same direction to reduce the petrol usage. The petrol hike can be controlled if the public reduced their usage. Merely they are all raising voice over the price hike and waiting at the petrol bunks.

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    My point is that any person who is poor and not able to manage will not go for petrol if it is costly. Any business person will not spend money if he is losing money. Now by using motorcycles, these vendors are able to cover more distance and they may sell more. So they are not minding money on transportation.
    People are not having time for agitations now. They have to manage their life by earning so they are in their own pursuit and not worried about the other issues.
    If the opposition parties want to do some agitations, they have to start agitating. But they are also busy with their own matters and finding no time for these issues.

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    The author is interested to know why there is no agitation despite the hikes of the petroleum prices continuously on day to day basis. It is not that people are not irritated with such a galloping price rise. The tragedy is that with the demonstration of agitation would not produce results unless it is the wish of all the political parties. Moreover the condition of the common people is pathetic interested to earn more for the maintenance of the families. Indulgence in the agitation will affect them in earnings of stable income. How they would like to have such a situation where there is overhaul spiral of the commodities as a result of the price- hikes? It needs immediate redressal before it goes beyond our hands..


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    One reason for this could be the increased transparency in the system as compared to the earlier regimes. Today people are well informed and will not go for any agitation just like that. At the same time it is also possible that if the opposition parties are really interested they can mobilise the people for staging agitation like they are doing in case of farmers and earlier had done in case of citizenship bill. Another point to ponder in this issue is that if prices of many items increase then people will make a hue and cry but as most of the lower and middle class people go to their duty place in buses or local trains, that situation might not arise.
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    We have discussed this topic several times on the. board and every time we see some members harping on the same strings --- it is due to International price hike and blah blah blah.
    I heard a man babbling that many of us are glued to news channels and they take every bite as sacrosanct.
    Anyways, oil price hikes should not be a big problem for us. Can't we offer our share for the welfare of the nation? Don't we trust in the developments policies of our government?

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    According to me, no one is seriously affected by the increase in fuel price. The poor and middle class don't use their vehicles to realize the cost of the fuel. The pampered rich and businessmen can afford to meet the fuel expenses, because they make money by increasing their income substantially.

    How long the political parties make noise when nothing can be done to topple the government. Fuel price hike is not a new thing. It happens with any government in power along with development. So no one cries about the fuel price hike in these days.

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    If the fuel price issue was intentional and genuine then why the parties are not taking the agitation the way they are continuously protesting for the farmers cause, because the political parties which has the governance somewhere or the other knows very well that states are making more money than the center through the taxes and thus preferred to keep quiet. And we the people got habituated to price hike of everything due to cascading effect of petrol and diesel hike, and those who can afford can do so, and those who cannot afford would silently register their protest through the vote next time.
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    The government is foolish and cannot understand the problems of the public. It is the reason for not agitating. It is as clear as daylight that the Union government is collecting Rs 33/ lt as a tax on petrol. Is it not looting the public? It gave many reasons which are frivolous. In my previous response, I have given how much the State governments are collecting. Yet some argue that States are making more money than the Union government. The votes are also purchased and our own people do not understand the value of the vote. Until such time the voters become aware of the true value of the vote, we cannot expect a government that works for the country but not the party.
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