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    Why I am not able to post schools and colleges?

    Why I am not able to post schools and colleges and this right is restricted for me?
    Are there any specific guidelines to post these things? If there are please elaborate? And also regarding the photo posting section? guide me regarding that too as I am not able to navigate through the site?
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    Sometimes the posting rights are blocked either by defult or due to some specific reason. So, one has to request for unlocking it and the concerned editors would do the needful or tell the reason as to why in a particular case it was locked. Try to recollect if in the past you had submitted something in those sections which was not acceptable or was much below the acceptance level and to reduce the clutter in the server the rights were temporarily blocked. It had happened with some members and when they requested the rights were restored to them. Anyway, let us hear from the concerned editors who can guide us better in these matters.
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    These sections are not available to all the members automatically. If we want to post anything in those sections, you have to raise a thread and the concerned will respond. Already you have taken the action required from your side. Now the concerned editor will come back to you and you have to wait for their response.
    You can go through the following link which will give you more information about various sections of this site. These are old threads but posted by the Managing Editor and they hold good even today also,
    1Posting limits in IndiaStudyChannel (updated) Sectionwise FAQs and Guidelines

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    As mentioned in the responses already given, access to some sections is by default blocked, while for some members access is denied due to non-adherence to rules. In your case, it is the former reason. The permission to both schools and colleges is now given to you. Try and submit content and let us know if you are facing any issues. However, note that we do not want duplicates, so make a thorough search, using the main search box in the top right-hand corner as well as the internal search box in each of these sections. In case you locate the institute but find that the information on the page is inadequate or incorrect, you may provide the correct details in the box for 'Update info' that appears on the page at the bottom. Secondly, we expect quality content in its entirety, and not merely the address and contact numbers. So it would be a good idea to check recent approved posts where the summary and descriptive text has been given so that you will know how details should be submitted.

    Regarding photos- since the My India section has been closed for some years now, we can no longer submit photos of places. You can, though, submit self-taken photos of schools and colleges in the respective sections via the link provided for them.

    Let us know if you require further guidance in navigating so as to sail over gentle waves in the ISC ocean, and not have a turbulent time!

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    Thank you @Vandana mam for clearing doubt although I joined ISC very earlier at that time I was in school and did not check ISC thoroughly as the Internet was not that much faster and whenever I come back on ISC I just go for the forum section only and still do not much aware of a lot of things.
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