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    Does IndiaStudyChannel allow other languages along with English language?

    Dear Team,

    I am having knowledge of Telugu and Tamil languages and I just want to write articles in the Telugu language, and Tamil language at IndiaStudyChannel. Can anyone tell me, is it allowed or approved to post in ISC with other languages along with English? If allowed, explain to me the directions to proceed with that.
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    Kandukuri S. Rao,

    This query was incorrectly submitted in our Ask Expert section. Please note that any queries related to our site should be submitted in the forum only.

    Answering your query- No, content in languages other than English is not permitted. The one exception is in the forum, where sometimes members are allowed to provide a quotation in one of the Indian/foreign languages, but this should not be a regular thing and should be done judiciously when it is genuinely required and relevant to the context.

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    Vandana, ME, has already answered your query but I want to add that this being a national level niche educational portal, most of the things discussed and presented here are for all the students across the country as well as for the professionals working in the country in different corners. So, in such a situation English can only be a coordinating language for the same.
    At this juncture I would suggest you that you write whatever article you want to write in your own language but you can very easily translate it in English and then submit here. That way your English foundation and proficiency would also enhance significantly and it would immensely help you in your career. You can consider this as a guidance from an old member here for achieving your creative writing aspirations.

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    If one writes in his or her own mother tongue language, though is good it can be understood by the other reader only if they knows that language. But the citations from any language with English translation is good as our ISC itself with a Sharing Knowledge motto.

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