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    Music brings delight how often do you take this delight?

    Music and good songs just awaken soul somehow brighten our mood. Earlier people used to carry radio, walkman with them to take this delight and today with coming of phones it has become very easier to access music and create a playlist.
    But people are so distracted that they rarely find time to listen to music but I am the one who enjoys listening to songs whenever I am travelling or alone and often send my playlists to loved ones. Do you also create such a playlist or have you ever created a song diary or something like that, if yes do share some of your favourite songs here so that I can add them to my playlist as well.
    And please share if there is any interesting story related to your life and music if you wish to.
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    Music is said to be the soul of the nature. It is everywhere present whether it is a flowing river or a blowing wind or chirping of birds, everywhere the melody is present in its natural forms. This is the source from where the inspiration for creating music by humans was obtained and using musical instruments and vocal practices humans could refine this to the present day level of music.
    The rhythm, undulations, and melody in a music piece make it an enjoyable experience for us. It soothes our mind and we feel relaxed.
    When I was in my high school my father bought a transistor radio which was a great luxury at that point of time. There were many radio stations which ware broadcasting songs and other radio programs from morning to late evening and some of those programs were very captivating and interesting and from that point I started to listen to songs of my choice. I found that whenever there were songs going in the background I could study with more concentration and for long hours. So music had immensely helped me during my studies.

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    The music is a delight for everybody irrespective of age and status. Even animals enjoy music. We all know that even snakes dance when they hear music. That is the speciality of music.
    I am also a music lover and I prefer hearing light music and light classical music also. Whenever I go on travel in my car my music system in the vehicle will be on only. Either I go on hearing FM. If there is no FM I go for songs in my phone connecting the same to the music system. FM generally airs old melodies which I like very much. So I prefer hearing this channel.
    There are many singers who bring beauty to the song. A song will become hit only when both language and music contribute equally. In some modern songs, language is not being given equal importance and I never like such songs. A have a playlist and I will add the songs which I like to hear to that list.

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    It is the fact that Music can not only bring the delight and it can change the mood from no attention to most enterprising day. Because we get emotionally attached to the music or songs and sometimes the lyrics are so touchy and feel like having written for our occasion and mood and therefore sync with the same immediately and start enjoying. Accessing music is no challenge at all thanks to every cell phone connected to the internet and we listen to any choice of music. Here I want to mention that some children are exposed to carnatic music at the early age of their life and if that is played, they would fall asleep immediately and their listening pleasure increases towards that kind of music over the period of time. If I like any song or music I keep playing them often and for that matter the interludes in some Tamil serials are also catchy and I like them.
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