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    India's rank reaches a dismal level in Global hunger index

    Global hunger index is an index that shows the prosperity and goodness of the country. Recently announced global hungry index shows a dismal rank of India in control of hungry of the people by the government. Actually India ranked 91 in the last time ranking but now it climbed upto 101 this time. Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh have got far better ranks than India. India is excelling in food production and have buffer stocks of all kinds of food grains. Why the present government is becoming a failure in distributing food grains to the needy? Actually most of the food stocks reserved were eaten by pests and spoiled by climate because of lack of proper storaging godowns.

    Our government is repeatedly announcing we are global leaders in economy, that India is the biggest economy in the world, that India is the biggest agricultural and industrial producer, then why India is facing such a dismal situation in the global hunger ranking? Is it because of the poor management of resources by the present government? What is your assessment of this particular issue?
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    When the author himself admitted that India is excelling in food production and have good buffer stock of all food grains and free ration has been given across the country and that proves India has taken care of hunger needs and the so called Global Hungry reports are baseless and there is a systematic International approach to malign India because we have been strong and courageous throughout the pandemic and the way India reached 100 crore mark in vaccination and the government was about to celebrate this great event, the anti India gang are up in their arms. No educated Indian would believe that India ranked so badly in the survey and even I ask the author to give example of hunger he has found in his city or elsewhere in the country. So there is no point in discussing this issue which is one sided and with ulterior motives.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Mr. Mohan, Food production is ok but it's distribution to the needy by government is a failure. The Global hungry ranking is given by US based International Food policy Research Institute and Germany based welthungerhife research institute. This world famous NGO calculate ranking in data collaboration with WHO, UNICEF, World Bank, Demographic and Health services, Inter agency group of child mortality estimation. The score we got this time is of serious concern and it is due to pandemic situation. Out of 116 countries Somalia got last ranking.

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    While Pakistan and Bangladesh, and the poorest African countries, improved their position in the list, India's position fell from 94th position to 101st position. For this who else is to blame? It is only the fault of the ruling government. The central government authorities criticizing that, the Global Hunger Index is compiled without analyzing the facts. It is right to say that the hungry rate in India has increased sharply in the last seven years. The situation today is that billionaires getting richer again. The govt. gives more attention only to that.

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    Facts are always hard to digest. Trying to find fault with the facts indicates incapability. Supporting such arguments is nothing but blind faith misplaced.
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    We cannot say that the global indexes are calculated wrongly. There could be some error in them as usual due to the collection of data and their analysis but they will not be off by such a degree. It is true that our agricultural production is high but there are some problems in the system for its delivery to the places or people where it is required. Another thing is it is also related to the increase in the number of the poor people who cannot afford to buy even the grains. The governance in the system is poor. But the fact is that it has not become poor today, it was like that since so many decades. Today the new regime might be trying to make a reversal and improve the governance but some opposition forces will not give it that privilege. So the situation is overall grim only and in such a situation if some global indexes are going in an adverse direction then there is no surprise in that.
    Knowledge is power.

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    First of all there has been gross mistake on the part of findings which is far away from the ground realities and India has strongly protested against the methodology being adapted to bring in the facts. And the so called countries to whom we are behind like Pakistan , Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka are not at all hugely affected by the pandemic and therefore there was no challenging situation for them. Whereas India is the huge country with huge population and the way the central government made the reach out of free ration to the migrants and poor is really laudable and sorry to say that FAO failed to take all these matters and their report seems to be very damaging in the interest of our country. It is really surprising that our learned people in India are not able to refute the observations which are far from the reality.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    The global hunger index is calculated by taking the following four indicators.
    1. Undernourishment, 2. Child wasting, 3. Child stunting and 4. Child mortality. As far as Child mortality is concerned India improved and did well. But India's performance in item no: 1 and item no: 2 are very alarming.
    I don't know whether the stocks of food grains and distribution mechanism were evaluated in calculating the rank. Many children in India are underweight to their height. This is mainly due to the lack of proper food. Poverty in India is one reason for not having nutritious food. Another factor that is to be considered is the pandemic situation during last year which made many families jobless and many families struggled financially.
    Many experts questioned the methodology of the survey conducted. Child stunting is to be calculated based on the weight and the height of the children which is to be measured personally but the organisers surveyed by asking some people over the phone. So the data obtained may be also not actual data.

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    I also heard about this Global Hunger Index report. Some people take it as an international conspiracy against India, this report aims at maligning its image. They must have some concrete evidence for this claim. However, poverty rate is increasing on ground because a large number of people have lost their jobs.

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    The Government of India questioned the methodology used for arriving at Hunger Index. Welthungerhilife, a German nonprofit organisation that published the Global Hunger Index in collaboration with Concern Worldwide condemned the Government's allegation pointing out that the Government was wrong to confuse undernourishment with undernutrition. They said that the undernourishment indicator is assessed by the Food and Agriculture Organisation using the Food Balance Sheet data from each country.
    Wish the Global Hunger Index is wrong and India is doing good. In case the Hunger Index is correct, the Government instead of bluffing out the index, better start taking necessary steps to improve the position.

    " Be Good and Do Good "

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    Mr. Ramu,
    First, let me know who ranks number one in the global hungry index, before I make a comment. There is a confusion.

    No life without Sun

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    If we consider the staple food then I don't think there is much problem in India for the availability of the staple food to the poor people. But if the hunger index is based on the nutritional food then India would lose on that ground because the people who are surviving on only staple food would not be getting all the nutritions required. The reason is very simple that staple food is mainly consisting of carbohydrate and the unavailability of other foods like protein, minerals etc is not there for the very poor people.
    In countries like Pakistan where the main food is coming from non vegetarian sources the need of protein and other things is already made through red meat and that could be reason why their nutritional food availability is apparently at higher rank in this hunger index table.
    So we have to see this ranking considering the methodology of arriving at it.

    Knowledge is power.

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