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    Wild forest fires and new challenges posed to wild life

    Forest fires has become the regular happening in many developing countries and that is preventing housing options for the citizens and also making life hell for the animals. Every year we are coming across wild fires in US and even in India. Though its a natural happening to which Human beings have no control, but the destruction and devastation is vast for the animals. Many wild animals goes for cover and try to hide in human habitat and thereby posing problems for wild life attack on human beings. How the forest fires can be prevented ?
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    There are some countries where huge stretch of forests are there. Sometimes due to the dry grass, dry branches, and wind blowing there are frictional elements which produce sparks and then fire. As the forest is in a continuous long lap the fire spreads in a wild way. There is no way to control these stretches of fires in forest area like that and even sprinkling of water by terrestrial or aerial means doesn't help much. These fires pollute the environment also.
    The forest areas are so big that we can't even think of making wide pathways through them to isolate the burning areas from each other.

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    Forest fires will happen generally in the Summer season when the temperatures are very high. Dry leaves are the powerful fuel for these fires. The fire will spread easily as there will be the continuity of these dry leaves in forests.

    There is a method called "Forest Fire Line". These lines are created in such a way that there will be a break and the leaves will not be there continuously. The best is to keep on creating a gap between the dry leaves by clearing the litter fallen there at regular intervals.

    Without any source of ignition, fire will never get initiated. So there should be a constant watch on these sources in forest areas so that wildfires can be avoided. There may be some factories. coal mines etc near the forest from where there is a chance an ignition source will come and initiate the ignition. So maximum safety precautions should be taken in these areas so that no spark will generate and fall in the forest area. These precautions will prevent maximum fires.

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