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    Ignoring the boards at specific places.

    I had gone to a pathology a few days ago with an acquaintance for her sonography, where there was a board in front of the entry gate that the shoes and slippers should be taken out. I read and did as directed. The person with me was about to enter by mistake wearing sleepers, I stopped her and pointed to the board. After that, both of us were sitting inside waiting for our number, in the meantime, I noticed that many people were walking straight in even wearing footwear. In such a situation, a person sitting at the reception was repeatedly interrupting them and requesting them to get off the shoe outside. But after some time that person also became frustrate and then whoever came in wearing shoes, he said a little angrily, that can't you see the board that showing outside.

    The people around started calling the reception person rude but was it really so, I do not think that the person was actually rude, he was being rude due to the situation, and he did so. More fault than receptionist was those people who were coming straight in without seeing the board. In many such places, instructions are given on the boards, but some people habitually ignore them and give problems to other people.
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    That is true. The notice boards in which important points are displayed should be at prominent places so that every person will see that without fail and follow the instructions. Otherwise many people will miss these notices and may not follow the instruction for which we can't hold them responsible.
    I was working in a process industry where certain safety precautions are to be followed without fail. There is a condition that whoever wants to enter into the process buildings should do so only after cleaning their footwear in the water pit provided near the entrance. Initially, the pit was provided just by the side of the entrance. But many people are not following the same. That what we did is a small foot wash with water is provided right in front of the door and no one can go inside without stepping in that foot wash. This is one way we implemented an important precaution 100%.
    As mentioned by the author, the position of the board is very important for effective implementation of the instructions.

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    I do understand when there is a gathering of mass or people at a place where in total rule has to be followed and being hospital there is no question of wearing the foot wear and entering the premises. All the learned people know very well that foot wear bring the germs from the outside and one has to leave the same outside before entering. Picking up quarrel with the receptionist of the hospital is uncalled for and there is a provision in the rule of law that those who prevent the front line workers from discharging their duties can be punished immediately by the police for not following the guidelines. But one thing need to be mentioned here that the hospital staff should also follow the same rule and we invariably find that they are moving with their foot wear on and that probably irked the patients or visitors to the hospital and picked up face off.
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