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    Enough is enough. When will all this inhumanity and division end?

    Yet another horrific attack, this time outside Delhi, for supposedly desecrating the Holy Book of the Sikhs. Post the incident, the usual statements about in-depth investigation and action are announced. Somebody gets booked, perhaps arrested (at the time of writing this, apparently an individual has surrendered himself and confessed to the crime). Over time, the headlines move to a back page, and eventually, the incident is forgotten - till yet again another similar incident occurs, with a reference to the previous incident.

    Why are people so easily instigated and brainwashed into believing something? Why are atrocities on the rise of people merely because they are of a particular community or faith? Most importantly, why are such inhumane acts allowed to unfold, time and time again, with nary a sane voice among the onlookers to not just say "Stop it" but prevent it? And the silence in the corridors of power is deafening. Not a single outraged cry to say "Enough is enough. This must stop now."

    Humanity and oneness in India - we miss them.
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    This is the new normal in India. This inhumanity and division are here to stay. The people of India have to pay the penalty for the gravest mistake committed. Unfortunately, there are people who support such activities.
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    A secular democratic setup is supposed to be the best form of the Govt in a country and many scholars and intellectuals will agree on that. But it also requires a strict and stern governance where there is punishment for the erring people and evil conducts. Unfortunately, our governance is very poor and people take things so casually and do not think before acting. Over and above that there are some influential people who have money power and they know how to mislead the general public and channelise them in a wrong route. So until the educational level of the people do not come up and unemployment is reduced significantly enough manpower will be available on the roads to be misled by some of these leaders who have vested interests in creating turmoils of all kinds in the country. In addition to this some people are totally out of the nationalistic chain and for them there is no concept of their nation and its prestige. They will do anything from drug supply to murder just seeing the money behind it. Today the situation is so bad that if the Govt does something sincerely for the development and progress of the country, within no time a big lobby stands against that and want to prove that it will ruin our country. That is the only time when they show the solidarity for the country otherwise they are never bothered. The situation is really grave and the present regime has to find ways to improve it on so many fronts which appears to be a herculean task.
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    History has been a witness of this that whenever religious bigotry prevails it brings the dark age and when religious fanatism increases it brings disaster this is what is happening in our society as well. More the people are thinking about religion they are not able to see a human as simply human but seeing another person with the spectacle of religion. And unless we put humanity over our religious biases it is difficult to achieve peace in such a diverse society.
    People should try to keep in check their religious affiliations and biases and prioritise humanity. And politics needs to be secular instead of being in favour of any religion.

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    Unfortunately India has been going through the nonsense behavior of some vested interests who want to create commotion and conflicts between the peaceful people and by indulging the demeaning of any religion heavy penalty of atrocities has to face the brunt and the reactions would be on cascading effect. And the wrong doers know by desecrating the Holy Book of Sikh there would be national unrest and the political parties behind this heinous crime would jump in the band wagon and try to benefit out of solace reach out. But the fact remains that such things do happen when the country is poised for the good growth, all round development and we are rearing to go for the good future ahead. Surely stern actions forthwith is the need of the hour and by remain silent in the matter would give long rope to the wrong doers.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    I agree with Neelam. In the first instance, we are all human beings. After that only nationality, region, religion, caste and other things will come. But unfortunately many people these days are forgetting this point. They never think that the other person is also a human being like him.
    In a democratic country, anybody can go with any religion. Nobody can show any differentiation among the people belonging to different religions. But because of the political affiliations and leaders who are always after power are creating many problems and trying to divide people and create problems.
    The State and the Central governments should view such incidents very seriously and action against the person responsible should be taken as early as possible so that further such incidents will not happen. As mentioned by the author a person has come forward and confirmed that he is the man who is responsible for this and the police are already arrested him.
    How to educate the people of the country so that they will not run after the religion, is the biggest challenge before the people in power. Such incidents will definitely be going to hinder the progress of the country as the rulers have to concentrate more on such incidents.

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    As long as we keep on listening to the corrupt politicians and support their views on caste, creed and religion these types of things will not end. For example, in any religious festival celebrated at any corner of India everyone takes part irrespective of their religious affiliation. Be it the Durga Puja, Eid, or Christmas everyone comes together to celebrate. While celebrating together nobody thinks which religion or caste they belong to. The politicians jump in to declare how secular we are as people from all walks of life, irrespective of their religious affiliation, come together as if people from different religions are not supposed to come together to celebrate. People taking part in such celebrations never even care about that and this fake secularism expressed by the politicians create all the differences among people. Since religion is very much associated with our emotions people become emotional and act without giving it a thought. Can we expect anyone to act sensibly when emotion is taking the centre stage instead of logic? That's what is happening throughout the country.

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    It seems the general atmosphere in current times is such that people are emboldened to perform heinous acts in a blase manner, with the impression that nobody is going to bother too much, that even if they are caught, they will eventually get away with it. Hence, there is this sense of fearlessness in committing such acts. The fear lies in the people who are too scared of the repercussions if they try to step in to stop the crime or to report it or come forward as witnesses.
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    I appreciate the author for raising her concern about ongoing incidents in our country. It is sad to see that such heinous crimes are offered shelter and support from different quarters. This encouragement to these anti-social elements empowers them to carry on their ill-intended activities. We dream of a better society where everybody breathes in a peaceful ambience and free environment. But when unprecedented things become new normal for us, we start taking such incidents quite normally. Brutality is rising its hood and surprisingly many a man enjoy such heinous activities.
    Often, it obfuscates my mind how a man can change into a beast?

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    For every crime committed, there must be adequate punishment. The problem in our country is the law seems to be equal for all in the constitution and not in reality. If one has a good connection with the political leaders, even the local leaders, then for any crime the punishment will be light. In many cases, the criminals will not be arrested also. In such a situation, the common men who don't have a good political connection will fear to protest apprehending revenge. The socio-economic condition is such that it is quite easy to tame a large section of the society with doles and goodies and they will remain happy with it without raising a single voice.

    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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    Today there is a news item in which it was stated in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh , a woman riding pillion with hijab on her head was forced to remove it by a crowd. The fringe groups are emboldened by the inaction of the government and also the police, they are resorting to many such inhuman acts. Once religious polarisation is encouraged, it is very difficult to stop.

    In the same Bhopal, a car that plowed through a crowd in reverse gear at high speed injured some people. This is the third such incident in recent days. May God save our country from such fanatics and vultures.

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    I have read similar reports, but it is happening with other communities also as a matter of retaliation and likely the eye for an eye policy. Last month, for example, there were incidents in Telangana of self-appointed 'moral police' stopping women in hijab from riding with men who are not of their faith. Then there is the so-called 'love jihad' that is bandied around by all and sundry. It is sickening.

    I am not sure, though, that incidents of rash driving during the festival have anything to do with what is being discussed here.

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    The latest trend is to call for boycotting of products based on supposed insults in promotional ad campaigns. A single tweet will set off a flurry of brand-bashing. No logical reasoning, no seeing the core and beautiful essence of a thoughtful message.
    When you make a commitment, you create hope. When you keep a commitment you create trust! ~ John C. Maxwell

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