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    Companies approach on jobs to be done should be on achievement plank

    Assigning the jobs to be done to each head of the department and then passed on to the team leaders down each employee should be on inside the ambit of achievement plank. When companies sign agreement with others for the job works, it must be within the parameters of reach out and already done in the past. By accepting new task and new requirement the management cannot put pressure on new assignments to which there is whole lots of confusion galore. In that case the companies need to work within their frame work.
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    In any private organisation, the employee should perform. That means the works allotted should be complete by him. Then only the employee will survive. Otherwise, he will perish. There is no equation of not completing. The given assignment should be completed. Sometimes there may be some problems which may hinder the progress of the work. Under such conditions, the employee should come out and explain the problems he is facing to the concerned people so that early action will be initiated. If the employee keeps silent till somebody questions why the work is not completed, definitely the management will get annoyed and will definitely take action against the employee. If the management has to wait for the employee to complete the job on hand to allot another work, the company may not sustain the growth. That is why there will be measurable parameters that will indicate the progress of the work to evaluate the progress of the work and the skill of the person who is in charge of that particular assignment.
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    Acceptance of the jobs should be within the principle of its earlier commitments and there should not be inclusion of any new element so that the employees remain under the confused stage while initiating the jobs. The employees of the company feel comfortable with the jobs already done in the past since they have plenty of experience in the same line. Timely completion of the job is our main criteria and in that sense, employees would not lag behind in showing their efficiency while executing the same. In case of a new assignment not taken up by the people in the past, it will take time of its own due to prevalence of confusion among them apart from loosing revenue from the management side.

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