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    How many of you got festival gift from the employer

    The festival gone recently called Ayudha Pooja is celebrated in Tamil Nadu factories and companies very grandly. In many industries they offer some gifts to their employees along with sweet packets etc., In many companies the total expenses for this pooja, gift etc. are borne by the management, in some companies the workers share the expenses through their monthly contributions for this purpose.

    In an industry located in our area, though had only ten people of employees, celebrated the festival in a grand manner and on that day of pooja the company offered a good food to the entire family members of the workers along with some gift.

    In an industry the employees were provided uniform dresses, shoes and bonus amount along with sweets and gifts.
    In an industry, my sister was employed wherein many lady workers served are provided stainless steel vessels and sweets on the day of Ayudha pooja every year.
    This year as many industries closed either wholly or partially the celebration is not to that extent.
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    In Hyderabad also many factories celebrate Ayudha Pooja in a great way. One of my friends is having a factory nearby my place of stay in Hyderabad. He will invite me every year. This year also he invited me and I attended the pooja. There are about 70 workers and officers in that factory. The management arranged Pooja and invited all the employees with their families. Special food is arranged for all the people who attended the pooja. After food, sweet packets were distributed to all the people present there. He has given some gift money to all the employees. This pooja was done on Maharnavami day, that is one day before Vijaya Dasami. I received sweet packets from another two industries where the MDs are my friends.
    When I was on the job, we used to perform pooja in our factory and each employee was given a sweet packet. Performing Ayudha Pooja is very common on Maharnavami day in both the Telugu States.

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    When I was in my service time then I used to attend the various such functions like Ayudh Puja or Vishwakarma Puja or Saraswati Puja not only in my organisation but in some nearby industries and other organisations also. Most of these places we used to get sweets or snacks or even lunch and sometime some small gift items also. We had a lot of fun and frolic during those functions. After my retirement I lost that opportunity but in our area there are some societies where these types of functions are observed and they invite the senior citizens living in the neighbourhood. So sometimes I get some such opportunities.
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    In the performing company the festivities of Dassera is celebrated in big way and in our company Deepavali is considered big and therefore no big activities. But I had the images and videos coming from those who are working in big industries and companies showed that the company gave them one month salary as cash bonus, new dresses, grand puja for the machines and tools, and grand lunch for the family and friends and the menu included non vegetarian. Some companies gave the gift voucher for the vacation of family during the news year and all expenses taken care of by the company. And some companies gave gold and silver coins as the token of great bonding between the employees and the management. Many companies are losing money through taxes and the prefer spending on employees who feel more cared and concerned.
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    Unlike the olden days, the bosses of the organizations care for their employees, these days. Hence they encourage them with small gifts during the festival days. Earlier days, there was no practice of giving gifts during the festivals except for Diwali in the form of a cash bonus. The sweet packet is a common thing provided to their employees.
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    Well, this is a nice policy that is followed by many employers, for their employees. Most of the private organizations and some government organizations may adapt this to make happy their employees that also increase their work interest and productivity. Festivals gifts also motivate employees as it is a sign of appreciation for them. I have seen some employers provide gifts for employees as per their performance but sometimes no difference is there in gifts when it is related to a festival whether it is a regional festival or national.

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