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    Beware of fraudulent websites

    Internet has become like an ocean of information and for the same thing and same matter, there are thousands of websites. Some of them are the genuine ones and give authentic data well moderated by the site editors but many sites are there giving wrong information and many times luring the visitors by their mean tactics and making them fool. There are some sites where one would be encouraged to join and will be given points or virtual coins for their contributions affirming them that these points would be later converted in cash. Unfortunately that stage never comes as well before that the site either disappears or the member's name is removed from there. Likewise there are many sites which are doing wrong practices and deceiving the visitors or its members. In this situation it is necessary to ascertain the authenticity of the website before starting to work in it. Whenever there is a doubt then one should ask queries and questions about these sites in some known reputed places in the internet and soon the regular members there would give a correct information about such dubious sites. We should be careful in doing work in any new site without confirming its authenticity. What are your experiences in this regard? Please share.
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    We all need to be cautious and I have tried to provide a couple of tips in the article How to know if a website is authentic or not - six security tips. Whenever some website is promising money for making a contribution we need to check all their terms and conditions. I do not have any idea of virtual coins and I feel the virtual things remain virtual only. If points are converted to cash, as mentioned in the post, then what is the rate of conversion and why it is not done instantly has to be found and posted in the respective forums. The social media page of that website may be of some help where feedback from others can be noted. If we check the feedback of someone on the social platform of the page then it is also essential to check the profile of the person posting the feedback as fake profiles can be created for social media pages to hoodwink people.

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    You are right. But the greed overtakes everything and people fall prey to fake web sites, despite reading about fake sites in the media, and the cases of cheating the public by intelligent and clever guys.
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    It is the fact that as most of the people are online always and heavily depend on the internet for every information or matter, there as been wrong doers taking advantage of the situation and turns to be for their favor. Earning through short cut was never favorable and failing to understand this reality many are attempting the fraudulent websites and becoming prey instantly. By the way without benefiting from us, how can one think of getting the freebies from others and here people get confused and gets into confirmed mode on reading the focal points of the website and thus lured to make mistake. Do not jump into any website at its face value but surely go for the same with strong recommendations from others, otherwise there would be many number of people attempting wrong sites and getting bowed down for their own downfall.
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    We must be really cautious when we want to click some websites since all the sites are not genuine and reality is exposed only when we are cheated. The prudent approach is to verify the origin of the site before we make a beginning of a new journey from the unknown site. We have our friends and well - wishers and to verify the authenticity of the site, we need not hesitate in taking their help just to save ourselves from being looted.
    In this connection, I liked the posting of Sri Sankalan Bhattacharya providing useful tips how one can save oneself with the application of intuition.

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    Cybercrimes are increasing and criminals are coming out with novel ideas to attract people and make money. So we should be careful and should not get into useless problems and disputes.
    There are many websites where they say that they offer very good rewards in the form of points or vouchers. We don't what is to be done with those points. If we have to encash the vouchers they are offering. we have to spend money. These vouchers are not really useful for us. These are useful for the sellers as they attract more and more customers.
    It is not good to spend time on a website where they promise something and never deliver. I agree with the author that we should see the authenticity of the website before we start working there. As far as I am concerned. I spend time on ISC only. I am not going to any other sites. Sometimes I participate in some surveys and the websites on which I do these surveys are also reliable and pay what they promised.

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