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    Space industry open to private players

    Recently the PM has announced that the space industry will now be open to private players in our country. Do you think of this as a good idea? Why or why not?
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    The space industry was outsourcing many of its works for almost 10 to 15 years. ISRO encouraged many private players to help them in their activities. They encouraged the manufacturing of important components by private companies. They give the technology and monitor the production very closely so that the quality problems will not crop up. Even they encouraged private companies to manufacture propellants and explosives also.
    The cost-effectiveness will improve by encouraging the private players. The productivity will be definitely better if we go to private players. There may be some apprehensions about the quality of the products. But ISRO never compromises on quality and they will monitor quality aspects very closely by deputing their people in the manufacturing sites. That way the productivity will increase and they can launch more vehicles in a year and that will increase the revenue to the organisation. So I feel it is better to encourage private people in the space industry also.

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