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    When you are under CCTV surveillance!

    If you are at home and reading this post then I am sure you are not under any kind of surveillance. But, if you are outside and in a specific position then probably you are within the ambit of CCTV cameras for surveillance. Surveillance is required for security purposes and it is observed that a simple mention of people under CCTV surveillance will reduce the crime even when the camera is non-operational. It is the fear of being noticed by others that alerts a person from committing something wrong. Now, are you going to do something illegal if you know that nobody is watching you? Probably, the criminals will and that's why the surveillance cameras are there. Forget about doing anything wrong, even if you are under watch you will be quite alert not to commit any kind of mistake. Mistakes are somewhat common when we are performing a task. Whether we are preparing food or writing there may be some mistakes which we all wish to avoid at any cost. So, to reduce such mistakes in your daily activities install a couple of cameras around your body and watch closely your activities. Hey, it's not a costly affair as the cameras are imaginary only and let the eyes function as the monitors. Keep on reminding that you are under surveillance of a lot of cameras, though they are imaginary in nature. I hope this will help to reduce mistakes. Members, what do you say?
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    That is true. There are CC cameras around us also anywhere and everywhere in this world. The only thing is these cameras are not visible to you. When a cat drinks milk, it will have a habit of closing its eyes. By closing the eyes these cats think that nobody is observing them, But they will forget that the others are not closed their eyes. Similarly, the human being thinks that nobody was seeing him but the CC Cameras launched by God are working around us.
    As mentioned by the author, if we start thinking that God is watching us and He will punish us if we do mistakes and illegal activities. But how many will think that way? Yesterday I went to a temple near my house. There is a CC camera in that temple. Last week in the night somebody opened the temple and stolen the money. The police could identify the person through the CC camera and took him into custody. So be aware that we are under surveillance always even when you are alone also.

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    When we are under the camera watch that would make us more responsible towards work and task and there cannot be wastage of time through gossips or chatting with the co-employees. But I want to share one funny happening which I saw on the tv. Some thieves entered a high official home when it was locked and gone for vacation. Having searched for many things and not got any cash or gold to steal ,having fed up they wrote and warned the owner to leave something for the people like them in future otherwise the hard work goes behind their profession goes waste. Here the thieves know that cctv camera in the building is working and thus pasted the hand bill to be made known to police and media. Funny way of using the camera and passing the message to the owner. But working under camera would instill discipline among the staff for sure.
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    The surveillance cameras may be useful but privacy is one thing that people lose. They do not help you to keep away from committing mistakes. They just help you to know the mistakes. Somehow, I do not like the idea of losing my privacy.
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    A good thread has been shared by the author, and the advice by him to installing the cameras is actually good. I remembered one incident before 3 to 4 years back when one of my relatives was celebrating the birth ceremony of their grandson and we have also become a part of that. For this function me and some of my cousin we planned to dance and for watching ourselves or to investigate our own mistakes during the dances we practice in a fixed room and keep on the camera of a laptop then we check the video and recognize our mistakes and rectify them so that we do not repeat them in the final day, and it really works so I think the suggestion that author gives to install camera our room and identify every little activity done by ourselves will surely gonna help us to improve ourselves without anyone else advice or suggestions.

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