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    Why productivity linked bonus only to certain central government staff?

    We all know that our country has suffered economically due to the pandemic during the year 20-21. Every department went into loss. The Railways did not operate its train services for many months and yet to restore the entire trains. The postal department also did not work to earn any profit.

    Now, Central government has announced 78 days salary as bonus to the railway staff, and 60 days salary to the Department of Post. Does it mean that the government was making profit and economically healthy to pay bonus to the railway/postal staff.

    If this is the case, why not the central government consider paying DA arrears to the entire government staff. The amount required would be far less than the bonus given to Railways/DOP.

    Why this step-motherly treatment by the Central government to its own staff?
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    I agree that why the bonus is to be given to the employees when the organisation is in losses. Already they are getting good salaries. So they can manage even without those salaries. But the problem is that as per labour laws that are existing in the country all organisations should pay a minimum of 8.33% of a basic salary of a year as a bonus even though the organisation is in losses. Initial 5 years after starting the company they need not pay but after that, they have to pay it. Probably because of this reason only they might announced that.
    The government is not having money and its financial condition is very bad. So how they are managing? if the bonus is not paid, I think employees may start agitation and that will further spoil the situation of the country. Probably, the government may be having this feeling in mind.

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    Nice post from the author and the doubts are genuine as the government preferred to give bonus to Railways and postal department and there are strong reasons for that. For the information of the author I wish to state that by operating passenger trains the Railways wont get any major profits and in fact they saved the diesel and employees salary by not operating the trains. Secondly the passenger carriages were used to transport the goods and diverted to other services to which Railways made huge profits and even two to three long hauls goods trains with 120 to 140 carriages were operated and that was the demand. Even postal department did work very well during the pandemic and made the profit and therefore government felt necessary to award these employees with the productivity linked bonus and other departments made no contributions.
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    The author has raised a very pertinent point why there is not uniformity in awarding bonus to the central government employees. Some are getting lucrative amounts but in other departments the amount is less and even in some departments they are not being paid. Again how the same is so important for a department and others are suffering for want of funds. I think government is having a preference for some departments but this yardstick is not to be maintained for all the employees working in the different sectors. Railways and Postal Department are provided hefty bonuses considering these departments as important areas and in depriving them of decent bonus could be the moot cause of their agitations at later stage causing dislocation of service from their end and hence they are benefited.

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    The author went on to start the discussion on this thread, which is very commendable, as this is an important topic. I also agree that when the situation is still not financially strong but it is weak, then on what basis has this strange decision of the central government been taken. As the other writers have also rightly said that if this is to be done then why not consider the bonus for other government employees. At least every citizen expects equality for all government employees from the central and state government.

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    Can't the government treat each and every staff working for them equally and share the heavy bonus issued for two departments. Instead of awarding 78 days for railways and 60 days for DoP, they can award Bonus for 30 days (One month salary) to all the central government staff, and pay the DA arrears due to their staff. If done, this would please the entire government staff.
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    Why even bonus during this situation when there are many who lost their jobs? Can't the government distribute the amount to the persons who lost their jobs? All the government employees are paid salaries according to their grades which is quite handsome and cannot be compared to the salaries received by employees of the small private companies. When a section of people is suffering because of job loss then providing more money to a section who are already paid a hefty amount as salary cannot be termed as good governance.

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    It won't be easy to account the public who lost their job due to pandemic. Everyone would claim to be jobless during pandemic. However, it is easy to account the sincere government staff and pay their dues. The amount need not be very large, but an amount to satisfy with their expenditure for Diwali celebration. Else, our government should not pay to any of the government staff. The staff side can take this issue to the court seeking justice.

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    Sun #744769, don't you think the government staff can celebrate Diwali with the salaries they are receiving now? If there is solid data with the government then how anyone can claim to be jobless? The government is finding various ways and means to detect fraud and I am sure it cannot be a difficult task to find out how many have lost jobs. The government is for everyone and not only for the government staff, isn't it?

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    Government is not a feeder to feed the 1.5 billion people of India. Only a few are fed by the government by extracting work from them. Only the rich and ultra rich of the country should come forward to help the jobless public. As it is, our government is in debt. People are comparing the loan taken by the previous government with the loan amount due by the present government. In such a situation, the government can feed only its accountable staff, not the whole public of India. The best is to avoid giving bonus to any staff, as they have freezed the DA for central government staff. Government should do justice to its staff by paying their dues or not paying their dues.

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    Yes, bonuses are paid to the workers and non-unilised staff every year as per the terms of appointment in the respective government department and PSU's. The amount is finalized by the bipartite committee. Generally, a certain percentage of profit or additional revenue over the previous year is distributed among eligible employees. But officers are not given such bonuses. Sometimes while calculating the payable amount of bonus the basic pay is limited to a particular maximum fixed amount. So this is payable as per agreed terms and conditions otherwise there will be I R problems like strike agitation etc. So total payable amounts are distributed. In this year I think Coal India is the highest bonus paid company. They have paid @Rs.72500.00 per employee this year. Because this amount is a part of the profit earned by the effort of the employees. But payable to the workers and staff only but not to the officers. The total amount is first derived and then distributed to the employees. If nos of employees are less, the individual payable amount will be increased. So it is a productive incentive, a certain percentage of profit based on the previous payout and must be payable by the employer as per terms of their engagement or appointment. So I think nothing is wrong here.
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    Central government has now announced 30 days salary as bonus for all its non PLB staff. While they have saved three increments of DA arrears from January 2020 to July 2021, they have decided to pay less bonus amount to their eligible staff. Something is better than nothing.
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