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    A positive attitude in life when it throws unexpected challenges which helped me sail through shock

    Between 2017 and February 2nd,2021 ,I had to undergo tons of anxiety as my husband had to undergo 3 angioplasties and was admitted at ICU in a reputed hospital in Bengaluru. Due to kidney failure ,he had to undergo dialysis thrice a week. The situation was so scary that I had to wait with bated breath for four hours for the process to complete.

    I had a grit of steel and never gave up hope being an optimist. Frequent rounds to the hospital made me face any situation with courage and determination. My saga was to be positive and you can move mountains.

    In 2020 Covid struck him and when he recovered,I had appointed a male attender 24/7. Of course,I had many compassionate people helping me in whatever way they could. Life has taught be many good experiences which had made me face any situation in life.

    The moral of the episodes of my journey for 4 years is with an optimistick attitude one can face downhills smoothly.
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    I take a bow with respect ,the way you have been facing the series of problems and setbacks in the life single handed and that makes a person more determined and focused because when the things are not working according to our expectation our confidence and self help is the biggest advantage and you have done with elan. Being a woman you had much more challenges to have the three roles of maintaining the home, work and attending to husband needs , so the God has given three shakthi to you and that has been used to your advantage. Normally people get bowed down with such a huge setbacks in life and you have chosen to behave with positive attitude that things would change to your favor and that has happened. Celebrate yourself for this great achievement and I shall definitely tell this to my family members because lots of guts and courage involved here.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    You would be wondering why I didn't need not take my daughter's help . My husband relied on us completely. My daughter was nursing her baby had family and professional commitments which made my husband tell me to handle all situations single handedly. My daughter and son-in-law would make sure that he was fine and visited the hospital and my residence and be with him . But,I was the one who had leant my fragile shoulders to lean upon. Both the father and the daughter are very emotional and loving and caring.

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    The author has given us the right suggestion that we should believe ourselves and should try our best to do our own work as far as possible without asking for help from others. I don't mean to say that we should not take the help of others where we ourselves are unable to carry out a job due to some reason or the other.
    You have faced the situation boldly during the turbulent times when your husband was critically ill. You have done all your best to save your husband. You were sensible as well knowing the responsibilities of your daughter and she was spared doing anything during the troubled phase so that she could bring up her own child. I must appreciate your patience and single minded devotion to discharge your responsibilities with the calm manner. The life is really very tough but it can be managed with our optimistic outlooks.

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    I appreciate the author for the way she handled the situation when the conditions are not in favour and hardships are coming one by one. God will certainly help bold people and the end will be always happy and peaceful only. Self-confidence and a positive way of approaching the issues are very important for people to come out of the woods. When things are smooth we need not worry much. But our ability will come in for testing only when such difficult situations will come. Our minds will also work actively when there is a challenge that we have to take up single-handedly.
    When we start any work with a positive frame of mind, definitely we will work for finishing the work successfully and our mind also will work in that way only. The way the author handled the situation confirms my above statement. I wish all the best to the author in the coming days.

    always confident

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    In response to my reply the author has stated she did not take any help from her daughter and shows further grit and courage to tackle the issues and challenges on own. My elders used to say that those control the house with their total involvement, some outside strength would be bestowed to them through which wonders are made and achieved. One thing is sure as long as we live on our own without leaning on others for the help, we have special place in the minds and hearts of the people. Now you are more experienced to handle the fragile situation and surely your relatives may be thinking of erecting statue or constructing temple for you. Even my policy says that as long as we are able and stable, do not seek any help or favor , no matter it may be good loving and caring children or other relatives as none would be cooperating for long days or years.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Dr. Rao ,
    Thanks for the post. People like you are the best source of motivation.

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    Thanks for the appreciation. Life should move on. Vazkaiyil yellam kadandu poithan agavendum.

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    It is challenging times that put up a mirror to ourselves, to show us that we do have the ability to face them with chins up, shoulders back, firm steps. Yes, we do feel the need to have support in some way, but somehow there is something called resilience that comes to the fore, no matter that the support may not be there. Kudos to you for your optimistic attitude through those trying times.
    When you make a commitment, you create hope. When you keep a commitment you create trust! ~ John C. Maxwell

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    Thank you Vandana,
    You were always supportive and motivated me to be connected with ISC.

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