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    Congress surely felicitating great win for BJP as leadership issue exposed

    The Congress working committee which took the stock of the situation inside the party and also the issues and matters involving the country has once again failed to arrive at the party leadership. It is agreed that Rahul Gandhi would once again be slated to take over as the President of the party next year in the run-up to be the contestant for the PM but indirectly the party has been facilitating a great win for BJP as we know Rahul is the failure and cannot sustain the matching to the performance and compliance when compared to PM Modi. Please discuss what is there in your mind.
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    I am not very much interested if Rahul Gandhi becomes Congress Party President, important point that has impressed people is the way how he takes central government as a responsible opposition leader shows his integrity and boldness. It is early to say if he is going to be proven a better choice for PM office in 2024.
    At the moment congress party is not in good health. They have internal disputes in several states. Their veteran leaders' group G-23 is standing in a corner and frowning at central leadership. How top brass will tackle their internal disputed issues may be a big challenge for them.
    On other side, 2022 is extremely crucial for BJP, especially U.P. elections where they have tough fight to retain their political mileage for 2024 elections. A hearsay is being circulated that there is a silent political war between PM and CM, and Nagpur is in between them to find out an amicable solution.
    However, it is beloved that 2022 is going to open Pandora's box for both the parties, because several unexpected and potential possibilities are in waiting for other shoe to drop.

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    BJP is having many challenges to win the coming elections and they know it very well and also are preparing for it. This is very true that the weakness of the opposition is always a gain for the ruling party and especially when the opposition and their allies are taking some steps which even the small children can observe as an act of foolishness.
    In order to retain the family position in the party Congress is losing at many fronts and will be losing further in future. If they want to come back to their old Glory than they should come out of this mind set immediately.
    The present ruling regime is taking some very hard decisions considering the secular and integral nature of our country and in such cases as we had seen in past also sometimes there is always a danger of losing the game as many common people don't understand the fundamentals of progress and development of a country by taking rudimentary and concrete decisions.

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    The author is ignorant or misleading. Mrs. Sonia Gandhi very clearly informed the meeting that she is the president and fully in charge of the party. She also announced that elections to the party posts will be held next year. I do not know and am also not interested to know about BJP prospects in the coming elections.
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    I have gone through the news about this congress meeting. Sonia Gandhi told that she is the full time President of the party. Many of the leaders felt that holding elections within the party is not good as of now. That is why the party elections are postponed Who is going to contest in the coming year and what will happen in those elections are left to the thoughts of the members.
    But one thing is sure that Congress has to do a lot of work to regain its popularity that was there in old times. Whoever may be the President, a very good action plan is to be made to face the coming elections successfully. If they lose the time it will become very difficult and the other parties will gain the advantage. So Congress can start working under the present President actively. The party is in a lot of confusion, I feel.

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    Congress party is an old party that lost its glory now. The oldies loved congress, but the present generation not. Many congressmen doesn't wish congress to be under the leadership of a foreign lady. Also, Rahul Gandhi did not prove himself as a good politician to lead the party. He is still an immature guy. If he is made president, congress would not survive, A leadership change from the Gandhi family is very essential for the survival of congress party. Sonia and her family should not hold the fort anymore. It is high time to relinquish their command to a non Gandhi family member.
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    Even the organization elections slated to be held next year, there would be bogey of same demand to name Rahul as party president and he would reject and there would be some drama to bring in Priyanka and this way Rahul would be anointed as President. What ever may be and who ever may be the president of the party, the extensive damage done by Rahul Gandhi on series of matters has made the party suffer huge and reclaiming the lost legacy is not possible. As long as Congress keeps harping on Gandhi legacy to hold the reign, the party cannot think of any greater gains in the future for sure.
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    The main aim of the saffron band is to keep the Gandhi family out of control of the Congress party. This may not happen now. Whether Congress gains or not, it is better for the saffron band to mind their own business as they are also on shaky ground due to their incapability of running the country successfully. The total debt of the country up to 2014 was Rs 54,90,763 crores. Now the debt of the country within 7 years went up to nearly one lakh crores. The loans nearly doubled. The government should take steps to reduce loans and not go for new ones. Those who care for the country should ask the government to improve its performance and give good governance. Congress party affairs are not important at this stage.
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    BJP government is far better than the Congress government. It won't be easy for Congress to win over BJP in election 2024. Modi is steady on his course, speed and direction. Under his able leadership, the country is progressing well, despite the pandemic and other problems. Congress cannot dream of coming back to power under the leadership of Sonia or Rahul or Priyanka. Modi haters will not agree with me. I am sure that Congress is a sinking ship.

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    I would appreciate KVRR to spell few good things about Congress and leaders as to why we must vote them ?
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    Trying to divert the topic is not good. I have already mentioned that Congress party affairs are not important at this stage. Let the BJP look after its problems and the problems it is creating for the country. Talk about how the loan over a period of 70 years is doubled in just 7 years? what were the developments made so far? What about the fuel price hike ? Why has the farmer's agitation not been solved so far? What about the unprecedented unemployment in the country? Pegasus case is with the Supreme Court and I am not going to ask about it. What about the electoral bonds?
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    Mr. suN, You are entitled to your opinion. I have not expressed support to Congress. Criticising BJP which is in power is natural. There is no point in criticising Congress which lost power in 2014. I will be very happy if someone can elaborate on the progress made during the BJP regime so far.
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    What Congress party has done for the country after the Nehru, Indira and Rajiv regime? Congress became worthless after the death of Rajiv Gandhi. BJP after coming to power in 2014 could go for their second term in 2019, because of their good governance. Earlier, Atal Bihari Vajpayee's governance was excellent. Despite criticizing the demonetization by Modi government, people have voted for BJP to have an absolute majority. It is only the opposition leaders and their chamchas who talk ill about BJP government, not the public. I am sure, BJP would go for its third time in 2024.
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    Sometimes, I happen to come across stupid comments or hilarious views on ISC. I think merely being indoctrinated to any particular political party calling others as Chamcha is sheer imbecility. We are here to enjoy our moments we spend with ISC. It looks weird to see wrong or insulting remarks for fellow ISCians.

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    Congress party has to be nurtured if the party is to regain its old reputation. Despite so many blows, it is still existent. Mrs Sonia Gandhi has declared that she would retain the designation of congress president even in the forthcoming time. However, she has not declared in what way she would strengthen the party. I think this party has to be restructured from the grass root level with the infusion of young blood who could exert influence among the public about the principles of the party and how best this party has performed in the past. There are a few old stalwarts in the congress party but they don't seem to be so much active. The congress president has to examine all such loop holes which is weakening the party and this needs to be curbed to regain its glory.

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    Mr.P.V. Narasimha Rao and Dr. Manmohan Singh were the Prime Ministers of India from the Congress party after Nehruji, Mrs. Indira Gandhi, and Mr. Rajiv Gandhi. What these two Prime Ministers did to the country is well known. I am surprised to learn that there are people who think that after Mr. Rajiv Gandhi, Congress did nothing for the country.
    A strong opposition is necessary for good democracy. Congress party has become weak after their defeat in 2014. I wish that party along with other regional parties wrest the power in the coming elections.

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    The CWC meeting that lasted for 5 hours not benefitted the congress party. No decision has been taken, and it was a great disappointment to the G23 group. Sonia announced that she is the permanent president of the party and election would be held after an year which is too long. If she has not done anything for the last seven years, how she can do things within a year.
    Mr. Arafat,
    I meant political chamchas, the party members, not any ISCian.

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    Thanks KVRR for agreeing that strong opposition is needed and Congress become weak because they do not have guts to appreciate good things done by this goverment and thats making them shying away from their own vote bank pockets.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    I want the Congress party in alliance with other regional parties to win and BJP to be relegated to the opposition party. This is the essence of my previous response.
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    You have the liberty and freedom to dream. Congress cannot go well with the regional parties. They lack cooperation and coordination. An immature leader cannot lead the party and its alliance partners. Also Sonia is not an able leader except that she is the wife of a former Prime Minister. Every party leader feels great of themselves and wish to be Prime Minister of India. Hence, your dream may not become true.

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    Reading your views about politics someone may sound that you sound a biased person. Sometimes, apparently, your views are childish which are not expected from an aged person.
    Please be informed that when Sonia Gandhi became the president of Congress in 1998 congress was on bottom of decline and the person who was mainly responsible for decline was P.V. N. Rao who caused factions in Congress party and as a result several leaders left congress party, moreover, caused disintegration of bulk of votes which was the base of Congress party. And under these circumstances this Sonia Gandhi reinstated the political status of Congress party and brought it back to power and after fall of Atal Bihari Vajpai government BJP got plummeted to the verge of extinction from indian politcs because of this lady that even RSS-top brass began to think to errect a new political party in place of BJP.

    If people are satisfied with BJP they will bring them back to power , else they will oust them.
    I think being an educated person you and I should be apolitical instead of being sequacious to any political party.

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    What you said was the past and won't be repeated. Let us look at the present status of the party and its leaders, their attitude. 23 top leaders have raised their voice against the party head that never happened earlier in the history of Congress. Congress would fall further and bite the dust, if mom cannot take charge properly. Earlier, when the newly formed BJP was little weak, Congress was healthy. Now, BJP is very very strong, and Congress is very very weak and bed ridden and surviving on oxygen.

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    Congress party of today is just a family owned party like some other parties we se in the states . Practically they are all individual or family owned and run parties, though outside they will just try to pretend as a democratic party.

    However as people are not having some credible alternatives they are forced to select one of the lesser evils at the time of voting. As the purse strings are held by the family and family head who leads the party also, all the other 'leaders' have to be 'yes sir' or 'yes madam' loyalists and sycophants.

    But these parties now being mostly regional parties do not have much responsibility and wider vision than short term political gains, they are very good at voter appeasement. They use religion, caste, language and any other narrow divisive and appeasement tactics to influence gullible and vulnerable voters.

    Congress has now lowered itself from a National party a nd a pan-Indian dominant party to the position of a a small alliance partner to the other regional parties.

    However the electoral mathematics being as it is, sometimes the conglomeration of parties works will and may gain some handsome gains. Hence for BJP it depends on the sincere and focused efforts and focused propaganda of its good work to retain or regain power. Being party in power has its own disadvantages which needs extra efforts and results to overcome.
    The BJP/NDA has to be very clear about this . I feel, even now a large section of media is still indulging in blacking out or misreporting of the good works of BJP government and propagating falsehoods and half truths against the BJP government and party.

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    At present no parties are interested to have tie up with Congress as they would also be doomed with failures.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Congress party is not a family-owned party but a party having strong control over the party. Nehruji's family name is a strength for it. There were Congress Presidents and Prime Ministers outside of the Nehru family. The party is going through a crisis now and the matters need to be taken care of as early as possible so that it does not go into oblivion.
    With proper remedial actions, the party can come to its past glory but needs a lot of hard work. The BJP party developed from a single-digit party in Parliament to present position mainly due to L.K. Advani toiled hard and there is always support from the cadres of RSS. It took them a long time to come to the present position. In politics no party is permanent and anything may happen. In 2004, it was expected that the BJP was a clear winner but UPA under Sonia Gandhi won the elections.

    I will be very happy if someone elaborates the good the present NDA government did to the country. I always find good work by BJP and no mention of any work. This may be raised as a separate thread as we are going out of the topic. If the editors allow, we can continue in this thread only.

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    Before we get into the good work done by BJP, first let us know what evil work has been done by the BJP government against the nation and its people. Let us discuss.

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    If Congress gains strength from Nehru and Indira legacy, why their photos wont appear in present day posters?
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Let us start with electoral bonds. How do you support them? These bonds were introduced by the Modi government. The political party that gained immensely due to the electoral bonds is BJP.
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    I would say that introduction of Electoral bonds is a clever move by the government. It is for all political parties, not only for BJP. All the political parties and their lovers are benefitted by this. Instead of keeping their overflowing money in bank lockers or in their backyards, they can donate them to the party of their faith. I appreciate it. If BJP was hugely benefitted, it is the people's love towards that party. Nothing to envy about.

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    Do your homework, study the details about the electoral bonds and their underlying conditions and give a responsible reply. Do you think they are ethical?
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    You say how the electoral bond affects the public, especially a common man? It is mainly the rich and affordable who help their party. Nothing wrong in such fund gathering activity. It is a decent approach to get the funds collected for the party use. A party incurs heavy expenditure for their survival.

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    study about electoral bonds, secrecy clauses, and everything first. After having a clear understanding of electoral bonds, give your opinion on it. Do not come for a discussion without having fair knowledge of the topic. Do your homework. We can discuss it tomorrow. You have done a good thing by inviting discussion.
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    We are engaged in a good discussion. Please come out with your argument as to how it affects India and its people or the economy. You first throw your fair knowledge on the subject.
    When love is thin, fault is thick. When you have already formed a bad opinion about BJP and the Electoral bond, it won't be easy to get you convinced.

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    You asked me to mention bad things about the present government. I mentioned electoral bonds. You support it first and I will argue how they are bad to the country.
    study about electoral bonds first. Then we will discuss. While studying about them, you will find some doubtful conditions.

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    Mr, KVRR,
    Have you ever bought an Electoral bond and donated it to any political party or elsewhere? Did the government make it compulsory for anyone to get the Electoral bond?
    Since you have come up saying that Electoral bond is an evil thing, you are duty bound to explain it first and wait for me to counter your arguments.

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    Do not try to divert the topic. You want to discuss without knowing the underlying clauses in the electoral bonds. I asked you to study them. Either you did not try or did not understand. What about the anonymity clause in the electoral bond? Political funding is a source of corruption. The electoral bonds information is out of the purview of the Right to Information Act. Why such restriction on the public about the information on political funding? This may help black money to be channeled before elections which will have bad repercussions. Try to understand the act and come back to me.
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    Gentlemen, kindly do not stray from the main topic. We do not want an Ask Expert type of thread here that gives elaborate explanations about electoral bonds. It was given as an example and participants can as well look it up for themselves to understand the reference in the context of the main topic.

    It would also be sensible not to constantly talk about forming "bad opinions" or the extreme opposite. Everyone is entitled to their opinions on Govt. policies and other issues. Just stick to the topic of the discussion, irrespective of whether it is for or against the Govt.

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    When someone is strong, the weak would cry and find faults. It is the nature. Same thing is applicable here. As BJP is strong with absolute majority, other parties envy it and are unable to compete with BJP. Now Punjab Congress is divided. Captain Amrinder Singh will form a separate party and likely to join hands with BJP. Thus BJP is gaining strength day by day.

    I am stopping it here.

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