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    When we present it in black and white it gives a different meaning!

    Many times we have some thoughts in our mind and we want to write about some issue or some aspect of our lives and while pondering over it we get a framework for that as what we have to write and also the sequence and the format in which it is to be presented. All said and done when we actually transform it in black and white and then read it ourselves we find that it is not giving the meaning which we intended in the first place. It could be anything like a forum post or an article or a poem or a report or anything of that nature in the form of creative work but if it is not conveying the intended meaning then the whole work is worthless.

    In such cases, we often revise our document and correct it to the best of our knowledge. In case we could not do it the readers or visitors to that post will respond to it assuming the apparent meaning.

    Have you ever experienced such a thing in your writing career?
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    Many times it will happen. We may have to work twice or thrice to write in such a way that the thoughts will be properly projected in our writings. We will write based on our thoughts. But when we read the same as a third party we feel sometimes that we are not able to convey exactly what we want to convey. Then we have to redo the work so that proper meaning will come. This is very common for many writers. There may be some extraordinary person we can write with just at one stroke.

    I know a great poet and who is a distinct relative of mine. He used to write the poem just in one attempt only. He never needs any correction or reworks for his poems. He is highly talented. I think such talented people are less. That is a gifted quality to the person from God, I feel.

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    It has been that our own feelings are not properly passed on to the readers and sometimes, the entire content needs some corrections to produce originality in the written content. There is no harm if corrections are made accordingly to represent our true feelings. However, such alterations of words, sentences or changing partly the written version are not always necessary for all writers. There are many proficient writers who can put their experience in the similar ways as they wanted to jot down. Such experience comes from the consistent practice.

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    What was envisaged and thought must come in paper or writing mode. There may be issues and misses while transforming the thoughts into the matter in writing but the fact remains that we have to convey the right thing and not in black and white. Sometimes our thoughts would come in our own mother tongue to which we are not sure how to bring about the same in English. Many a time I come across stories, write-ups, and even the intricacies of others life through my mother tongue Tamil, but I fail to create purposeful content for the same because there cannot be an exact representation of words in English and thus many a time that kind of sharing goes out of hand and is not known to others. Many a time we feel that we are good at the talk and not at writing at all. Maybe this is the reason what the author has been saying.

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    As opined by the members, I also agree that there are some talented people who can transform their thoughts precisely in black and white.
    Knowledge is power.

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    Most of the writers try to reach their readers in the same way with the same outline, but it is a long and thoughtful process because it involves the thinking of both the parties, their experiences and their attitude towards life, etc. It matters. Maybe this is the reason why many times the authors do not understand the real meaning of writing post threads or articles or anything else, but some do understand, we have found this many times in forum sections. But when writers gain experiences from their work they become more experienced to express their thoughts in the same way by their words.

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