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    China Bhutan agreement. Is it a threat to India?

    Bhutan and China signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) just three days before. This is an agreement between these two countries to expediting negotiations on their boundary disputes. These two countries are having boundary disputes since 1984. At the same time, India is also having boundary disputes with China. The relations between India and Bhutan are good and cordial. The details of the MOU are not known except saying that it is a three-step road map. There is a fear that this agreement may cause some significant security alerts to India especially in the North-Eastern region. The strategy of China is not known.
    Is this agreement is going to create friction between Bhutan and India which are very friendly nations? I like to know the views of the members.
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    I am not a political expert to analyze whether or not such an agreement would be a threat to India, but any MOU should be checked with a microscope, considering the intrusions of China through our borders. Does it only involve settling their own border disputes? Or is there some other hidden agenda such as setting up infrastructure that is supposedly for easier transport between the two countries but is a camouflage to come closer to our borders?
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    In a great relief for the China the latest inking of agreement with Bhutan must be most welcome because there was stalemate over the 470 km borders the dragon country shares with Bhutan and ever since 1980 there was conflicts between the two countries and now the deadlock has been ended. On the other hand Bhutan shares a strong cultural and religious connections with the China and therefore the new agreement what they signed has worked to be good for both sides. But India being Big boss in the region and Bhutan preferred to friend with China has really baffled the New Delhi. As long as Dalai Lama stays in India, China has been in uneasy terms and it wants to have borders abetting India and this deal has facilitated the same. For China this agreement as source of marketing their products which was rejected world wide for many reasons.
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    I do not know much about this MoU but agree that some MoU of other countries affects the third country up to some extend. Relations between China and India have not been very good in political or other levels since the beginning and in such a situation, when China is strengthening its relations with Bhutan, it will not only have some effect on India but its purpose may be hidden in it. . But still nothing can be said for sure. By the way, there are already many such rules in international relations-related organizations or groups, etc. that no MoU should be between two countries with the intention of harming any other third country. There has also been a time when India has proved to be the beneficiary country for Bhutan. Now only the time to come will decide how the new strategy and politics of the three countries will show their impact.

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    It is upto the countries to settle their own issues. We should be happy that China and Bhutan has settled their border dispute by signing an MoU. India need not worry about their issues. Countries are independent to take their own decisions. If we want to sign an MoU would we consult our neighbour countries or worry about them? NO. According to me, it is not a threat to India. Even if it is a threat, we should face it boldly.

    India and China should find a solution to settle our border issues, at the earliest.

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    It seems we are overreacting. The neighboring countries make many pacts with their border-sharing countries and other countries. They keep their interests more at heart while arriving at such MoU. . China and Nepal have border disputes and having an MoU regarding it. I do not think it is of much concern to India.
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